Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dec 2016

Surprised I received a early buy signal Wed so I need to watch that.

Recap Thursday, low volume side ways drift
Fri- humm forgot to post,I had us drift higher all day.
Tues-Fri Happy New Year , I think low volume and we will drift higher all week.

 Recap Wed:
Must be in an inversion window since mkt has done opposite of my data. We had a gap up with high good at (9:50) but sold off. Thursday look for a gap up open with a 10:20 low and sideways to up close.

 Recap Tuesday:
We had a useless low around 10:30 but the gap was a big up not dn.
Wednesday wants to gap dn again with a 10AM high, side ways to up close. 
If W2 +W3 =115 pts then Spx 2363 could be expected, but what ever last day of year bring is where I want to short .

 Recap Monday: Little gap dn but 10:40 and 11:05 were highs still did the sideways move.
Tuesday Gap dn again is called 10:30 low but again flat. I think Wed will be a bigger up day. 
 RECAP Fri-He He, we did just the opposite 9:35 h then a 10:40 high to run lower.
OK Monday looks mixed with 2 inside days in a row that I consider bullish but wasn't. Look for a gap down open then a 10:20 MAster low or a general time 10:05 low to regain rest of day or flat out.
Still look rlly into last day of DEc.
Here is what Advanced Get is saying. It called 3 days ago 5 of (3) with wave 4

recap Thursday:
We did have a big upgap putting the HOD at 11:20 another valid time frame and flattened out rest of day.
Friday I look for a 10:30 low and run higher into the close' 
Recap Wed  No gap but flat open,low 10:15 but PM just fell apart. Thursday looking for big up gap, 10:05 high then go flat rest of day.

Recap Tuesday. Sure inverted. I looked for a 10AM high we got a 10:30 low that sent us higher all day.
Wednesday Again I look for a gap down or indicator do I should say. 10:20 low to flat day, then the Fed who knows but probably  relief rally.

Recap Monday 12th 
High was at 10 AM not  10:30. High AM to low PM day it was.
Tuesday 13th I look again for the same play. Gap down , high AM, low PM day. The trend is still up till Dec 30th where I will get short.   Jerry

Fri recap:
Gap dn no! but rest of call was good. We had a 10:15 low (-5m) and again ran up higher.
Monday I again look for a gap dn with 10:30 high, but probably will close lower.

Thursday Recap: Low was at 10:11 and we ran higher all day. No real gap.
Friday Look for a  gap down  and again a run up Low @10:20 but centered @10:30.
Most are calling today "THE" high. I would wait for the retest if that is the case. My 1952 model says we rally into  end of Dec.

Wed recap: I was looking for high at 10:05 but had a low at 9:55, that killed the signal and we were SU all day.
Thursday look again for a gap dn ( 3 say dn) 10:30 low  and then run higher. Christmas rally in progress.

 Tuesday recap:

We did have a gap dn,    we did have the 10:20 low actual 10:25.
Wednesday Dec 7th Indicators are   mixed (up,up,dn) Since we are over bought close will look for gap dn,
then a  High  10:05 down rest of day, Time to break this uptrend or I'am wrong about AM high.
Monday recap gap dn didn't happen, 10AM HOD did happen.
Tuesday Dec 6th looking for a gap dn  low AM probably 10:20, could be sharply lower.

Monday Dec  5th look for gap down open (3of 3 indicators). Expect a high AM probably 10 AM but many center it @ 10:30 AM. Looking for Spx 2085 soon.
Jerry O

Dec 1st  Thursday
I look for a gap up open, low AM day, rally most of day.
Recap we had a rally into 10:05 am not he gap up I would have liked, and we went down most of day.
Dec 2nd indicators are mixed but expect gap up with AM  High could hold most of day.
Getting a early buy warning so we could have a big rally coming soon.
Jobs report moves markets.

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