Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2 signals

Thursday close. 2 signals. We had an inside day with a down day considered bullish by me.
I also have a short the rally signal.
If we rally strongly Friday then it is a short.

Right from the open this was wrong.

I get a sell if we take out and close under SPX 2094.
To be honest I have had 8 wip buys and sells in the last weeks.
When one direction finally takes it will be a big move.
I’m neither bullish or bearish yet. Why “Wall of Worry is back”
Low interest rates and free money World wide.
If retail sells are strong it will move the market.
IE good news could plunge the market, because bad news has been holding it up.
 Ps Monday we had an EDT close calling for ideal -
low am and high close Tuesday that worked.
OF course the chart has to look like a EDT, ( just a formula only half works, but does
Alert me.)