Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Short Week

Sell signal IN.
Wednesday a wild day. I said if we close under 2060 everything would go to a sell in my stuff. Who knows what will happen the way we are so wild. I still have puts.

Tuesday Evening close
Mechanical says today was EDT up signal.
Mechanical say today was inside day, I consider inside days bullish.
Facts say a close under spx 2060 everything goes to a sell and bulls in serious trouble.
I have no call as to true direction.  Jerry O

Monday evening close,

Every thing went back to a buy with this big move up!

We would have to give this rally up real fast since we were barely oversold.

The only scenario I like for Tuesday is this: Monday was a EDT, so we open weak Tuesday, make an intraday high and then plunge.

If we open weak and just back off a little all day then more rally ahead.

Happy trading.