Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hedging top Monday or Tuesday

We have reached what is looking like a C.I.T. (change in trend )area.
The model is offering yesterday spx 1079, Friday 1084, so the fact it is now offering
numbers means a small position in a bearish ETF is now fruitful.
We could based on cycles have a higher high Monday and or Tuesday ( Fed day) based on
the 55TDH from 1010 low 7-1-10 or a minor 144TDH from the last time we saw a number
under 1086.02 from 2-25-10 minor low.
From there we went straight up to 12xx.
Based on all this we should see major low 11-16-10 +\- 2 TD
What level I wish I knew.
So be on top alert next few days NIBLE short with stops.
I will post the actual aggressive sell when it hits.

Pressure model has now dropped below 50 warning of weakness.
We don't have to take out 1131.47 to have a top. The first number is a throw away the exhaustion number or second number is king.
Jerry O

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top by Monday

For Wednesday (15th) I have a 144TDL (from 2-19H) Blue day some type high @ 10:30amET

Trend model still bullish.
Pressure gave a warning to day the trend maybe changing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trend is UP, top watch

On Top watch.
I made an oops when I failed to belive my trend program.
I should have offered an aggressive buy on 9-2 @ 1080.39 the best you could have go, with a gap up open. Next on 9-7 it offered a 1104 cit that hit on 9-9 had I reported it a better price was at hand.

I will add a target of either 1121 squaring 1039 or a fib of 1130 all Spx
What we want is a shot to one of these numbers then a close below day before.
I will add we have UP pressure at this time since that secret number is above 50.
We also had a small move in a ratio that offers a big move. ( could be round trip)

Support 1091 both break even and real support.

Will the boyz come back and sell this???