Friday, July 30, 2010

pivot tight

Buy - sell pivot is 1101 spx for Friday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

29th 30th July 2010

Having Internet issues so will post what I think next 2 days. Not much technical damage today. (wed)
Sell number have moved up from spx 1099,1102, now 1103 for Thursday however I have Thursday 29th up based on blue days.
7-13 Blue was up, 7-12 was down, so 29th up?
Low at 10:30 +/-15m would support that.
Also will add my 15degree chart below looking for I think a high on the 30th (End of Month window dressing,-- all ready?)
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Still bullish 28th weakness best guess.

A take out of spx 1102 pivot will put me in VST sell mode.This is Wednesday of Orange week

Last Orange wk 6-28 dn hard Next one on 7-6 up hard.

This week a split? Up/dn ish

Vix hitting 21.86 is a hint of down.Watch Dax for strength or weakness. twin mkts

S1 last 2 Red, dn, next one was up, so tomorrow dn. 28th

28th is also my 119td low.

Other than that we are in an uptrend for weeks.Thinking buy the dips less 1056.88 spx is taken out.

I think we are in a speculative 5th wave and the reason I say that is my

Penny stock has come alive PTSC.ob (Patriot Scientific) and that is what Advance Get has as a wave.

Not trading advice.

Chart below of the Bull I see!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bullish if

Bullish why not.
3-Cycle models are all up ,days,wks,month.
Looking at my chart you see the MACD crossover pattern.
We have broken above down trend line.
AGET has us finishing a Wave 5 targets 1115.77
to 1168.98 SPX
Thoughts-Still look for a high 26th, 8td and a low 28th based on the 119 td count
8-17-09L+119, 2-5-2010L+119,= 7-28-2010L. That low could be fast and bounce off 1056
The 26th high should have a vix under 22.99 if not lower,best case adding to short term OB conditions.