Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rally Over for now!

 The CPCE has not been looking great for months, and we have been plunging into topping area several times of late. This is one indicator that has me worried we are surely topping here.

See my post to group below.

The week ahead Monday looks  bearish with bearish options and a  neg premiun of - 2.76.
With the weekend Monday is a fools game but
net -net week is down .

My post to group Thursday night.
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From: Jerry
Sent: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 12:28 am
Subject: [TimingShortTerm] Reaction Day Friday looking down

This reaction day is usually big.

We could clip out a new high but net net I look for a down day with xsp options at  2386c and 39 puts.
Even the Oex has finally gotten a mit bullish.
Friday is also a 144 TD possible   L-L ?
******************************************************************** Here is the Advanced Get model.
We are ending a wave 5 and everything seems to be falling into
place. I said in the last few weeks I was bullish till last week now look out for last week of Sept. Friday 20th was the start.
I believe we are going to have at the very least a 5% correction or a fib 50%.
With Oct right around the corner a 10% correction should be on tap.
Good trading.