Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 days 5 plunges and recover

Plunge,recover etc. Looks like a bearish open again as the Oex p/c ratio is even higher than yesterday @
5.5  and the spy P/C @ 2.82 these are very high numbers but do they mean anything.
History: We had high P/c in 2010 in 2011 and 2012 now and then.
Before that you have to go back to 10-30-2007 day before we tried a retest of the 2007 high.
They don't call a high but do appear near a high +/- 5 TD
The problem here is once you see this pattern and you paly it, will it work?
In 5 TD we have gone from 1472.12 to 1472.63 a gain of .51

My 144TDL didn't work so I don't know. I have a reaction day on the 18th

Oex ratio 3.40 Big Move

If you scroll my blog you can find where I have posted this big ratio.
10-2,10-8,12-10, on the Oex. Tonight I did a little more research and found the Spy @2.09 and the QQQ @3.09 These are all high

*I have a 144 TDL for Wednesday.
*We have the vix+spx calling for a down day (70%)
*My chart yesterday called for down.
*We have double tops here and there.
*I'm over bought but OB can be as bad as OS as far as surprises.
*Oex down .31  with most others up.  leader!

If all this bearishness fails we will climb fast and hard. The market has had many chances to go down like Tuesday AM only to come back so there is upside momentum.

The DAx and SPx usually run together and the DAx was down.

Big move is all I can say.  I hope it will be down!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Drop ahead

This charts shows a third hit in the OB area.
3rd over was 12-18 @Spx 1448 with a drop total of 49+ points

2nd over  was 1-3/4 1467.94 with a point loss in 2 TD  16+spx

Current today new hit so we could drop quickly at least 16 Spx but I would hope more.

We are as OB today as back on those 2 days.
I have a 144TDL on the 16th but other clusters this week.
Jerry O