Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Nice if we hit resistance of Spx 1884.89 yesterday high and fail.
Earning are supposed to be sour as time goes on, does the market look ahead?
Model not all that telling except an o-b signal.
I have to get my car inspected and have a Dr. so will watch from mobile one.    later review if possible.  Jerry
12:30 PMModel not impressed today. If we can't go down more than what we have seen then a rally tomorrow is very possible.
Late report: 3:55pm I bought a call oex.
Model still saying todays action was bullish for Thursday.
I notice we have a TD high Friday. The highs should be in very soon-days.
Any time now.

Thursday  1pm  Model looking for a down day tomorrow (Fri)  If we hold this area. Will  retest at 3:30 today. Jerry
Thurs 3:40pm still pointing to down tomorrow after a CIT high.
Last 5m vol rush can change everything.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 21st to 25th 4April 2014

Tuesday AM model not found with this  low a number -207.50
Considering I have data back to December 2006 .
So need a little more time . Futures are +

10:10 am live test for Jerry
Not trading advise Bought a oex put 835 with 10 td expire at $8.00
Spx 1880.   Second overbought signal. High with in 7 TD

3:30  having data issues and Verizon.
"Second overbought signal. High with in 7 TD"