Saturday, November 5, 2011

We are running out of Gas.

As we look at this chart we notice the big drop starting backing in April 2010 and lasting several months. However you can't get there in a few days' I know there is a lot of talk of a crash but at 85%? No I think we need to get to 75% at least for a hole to open up.

For the last 3 weeks I have been seriously overbought but this week just overbought.

This is a green week with Monday a green day. Looking back it is very hard to find a down Monday on a green day.

MEBOB monthly we are in a down trend till 1292.66 breaks not expected.
CYCLES: I had a 23cH from the 1074 L on Friday.
Spx vs vix call for Monday up (70%) reliability.
AGET is lost in ABC land.
And then there is the news driving the market more than ever.