Thursday, August 13, 2015

REtest Thursday

update after close:
Market did nothing I expected today will remain flat. A mixed market has little details.
It can be bad for your financial health.
Keep my powder dry

First and intraday chart showing a firm buy at 12;20 of course I was at the DR.   :(

OK Thursday! If I'm right it will be a high am low pm day.
We should test the low of  SPX 2052 +/- 10 points.
Here is a chart with us in a wave  3 drop  and next will be the rally to 2101-2113 to keep this count and no overlap.
I have been calling for this basing and rally for days. Today finally
my parabolic indicator and several  counts said the low will be  tomorrow. Upside target will be .618.----.78 Jerry

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LOW finally close.

Email Monday close:
L"oo"ks like a short squeeze and momentum run today.I think we reverse most of it.
One thing that makes me suspect is that the indicators fast or slow didn't do that much..
Lets see.

Tuesday night:   close
Tuesday did reverse and the indicators did move down.
I would like to see Spx 2044 to 2067 Wednesday to get this low over with. Depending on what happens Wed, low is either Wed-Thursday.

The system I use now has floating cycles, not static cycles. Some one once said to me I did a “what if” and found it worked on Elliot Wave.  I tried it on cycles and it seems to work. The bases is, that I know where the next high should be but you have to have a high, on in this case a low to complete the cycle before the next one starts.
Thus thinking the 14th would be a high, is now floating to 17th to 19th at least.

Question? What if the ATM’s were shut down, would you have enough cash.
You should have at least 3 months of cash hidden.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lower maybe lost

Looking at Europe and the US futures tonight I see strength.
Is it because Abby Joesph Cohen was on an looks for Spx  2150 in months,or Birinyi Assoc.  looking for Spx 3100 by 2017.
I read where the market is O.S.but AAII bulls +3.2 and bears drop -9.0.
I had felt Spx 2044 was coming this drop, and still possible since indicators  turned down Friday.
Last several lows have come at 3 TD momentum of 416x and we are at 4177 but even with low cash in the funds we get these silly rallies.
I have just about run out of cycle time for a low.
By Wednesday a rally is coming.