Saturday, April 19, 2014

Daily Updates check back.

ok bought apr oex 830 and may 830 puts, see what happens. 4pm

3:40  Model is looking for a high in 1 to 8 days.
If we close near high will start to buy a put .
Suggest to get a 10 day out put.

10:45 am Mkt is tepid hitting neither target. Looks like we will get a 1-8 TD signal of a pending high. Will confirm at 3:30pm ish report.
Standing aside-Jerry

 4/21/14        Model looks tepid. Suggest if we take out  Thursday low buy 1 call in money.
If we take out Thursday high better yet 1872.xx then probably a put.
Give gap a lot of weight. POMO highest of week Monday..

 Have been working on a daily timing model, and a 3-8 day look ahead.
Will try to post daily. Currently go with Monday gap open.

Some charts to look at. This shows a buy signal but what will happen at down trend line?

click charts to enlarge.
Wave 5 higher is what is called.

Neither chart has anything to do with my daily view but how we get there. Where ever there is.

Will not be trading advise. USe with your own work.