Saturday, January 17, 2015

Buy SIGNAL 2002.65

Update Thursday 2:48 PM
I'm on record a take out of "2057 will make a new picture and scope"

UPDATE @ 2:28 ET Tuesday
Buy still in effect  "I would hope for a pullback to 2005,"   so far 2004.49. VIX wants to go lower

This is a tough signal since we moved so much higher and stopped at my resistance line on lower chart 2019
I would hope for a pullback to 2005, any overlapping of 2002.65 would  have to be short lived or the signal is dead. A rally could be mild .618 to Spx 2040 +/-

Friday, January 16, 2015

Watch TLT could give a clue

On this chart of late TLT when it trends up  Spx (green) trends down, and visa versa.

On this Spx chart I offer projections if resistance 2019 has failed or going to fail.
Else we move higher. Yesterday charts will help .
Jerry O

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

wave 123 or ABC

I don't know if it's a Wave 123 or ABC.  I posted yesterday at the TST site I was looking for 1992 and today it happened. Now looking for 1979 (1972-1979) and then a run to 2019 there we will know for sure what to look for.
This correct did turn much lower than I thought. That's why I want for market to tell me. SELL SIGNAL STILL IN EFFECT. Jerry O