Saturday, March 2, 2013

Are we at a top NO!

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Why do I make a bold statement like that? History.
* 1st Chart is 2007 high where the Dow and Spx peaked together with a 16TD cycle (roughtly)
That Oct 11th was a GREEN DAY
look at Color days to left under favorites. Volume got heavy 16TD before top.

Next we have the chart of 2000 highs
You will notice or still remember that the Dow did the job on Jan 14th
 2000 a RED DAY and the SPX hit a high on March 23rd  with Dow close, a 16td pattern and a BLUE DAY

The 1987 CRASH, I don't have a chart since the data is hard to find.
Here is what I found out.In 1987 the heavest volume was a Aug 11th a BLUE DAY  and 10td  before top. On the Dow the actual closing high was 8-21-1987 a GREEN DAY.
Yet the Dow theoretical high was on Aug 25th and the Spx intraday and close I 337.89 c 336.77.
A GREEN DAY. Funny HANKS says a green day is go, I say run.
StockCharts in their history charts show 335.89 spx I don't know what gives there.

SO GREEN days are high on the list.
Early heavy volume and 16TD, high on list.


Yes we can have a big correction but it won't be over till the SPX  fat cats sing!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wave 3