Sunday, July 26, 2015

Monday key to how low we will go!

Just to show if 2039 to 2044 broke, we will be at 1980 very fast.

I'm worried about Monday 27th. Friday’s drop was so big it moved my parabolic sheet ahead 1+ TD. Thursday as I posted I was looking for low retest on the 3rd 5th but now think 31st will re-test the low ( that is where we get long)
Monday now calls for a low/reverse. A check mark day or a V day.
Monday is a blue day Key times are 10:30 +/- 20m and 3:30. My guess is it will be a low am to high pm day.
The parabolic sheet is rarely wrong on low calls.
Problem all indicator are only 1/2 way into down stretch.
IE: We could double bottom Monday or plunge big time. Since my indicators are ½ way to a-low we need a big drop. If not any rally will be short lived