Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manipulation gone wild! Update Sell

This indicator has gone to a sell. If one looks where the sideways arrow are we see the average decline of a minimum of 25+ Spx points if everything is relative. And it will not be a 1 day affair.
Jerry O

The market we have is not the market I want. I fight the fed who wants to kill the $$$. Dollar down
US market up.
I fight the Euro since they also want the market up they refuse to pump the banks. So Euro up US markets up.
Can the egg crack sure but after being bearish for 2 weeks guess we will have to get extremely over bought.
Monday the 12 th is settlement of futures so that could be interesting but only for the moment.
This is the third time we have taken a shot at the 200dma on the Spx.

I will sit back and watch.
Jerry O