Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday big down? watch 1303.06

Scenario #1 watch 1303.06, and Cit 1293.37 Spx
Thursday to Thursday almost same setup before the big drop. Upvolume,Tick trin and vix very similar. Did we double top? Unemplayment number will be good not because job were created but people have dropped the hunt for a job. Remember last Friday big drop and we have many hits this Friday on cycles.

Scenario #2 Bernanke speak Buy, buy, buy, baby, and we head for Spx 1315 a cluster. EDT

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog day High and reverse?

Update Thursday
The most exciting thing today was the Ground Hog say's it will be a short winter.
Thank you Hog.
Market didn't hit a high as hoped for. The trin was 1.43 and a tick of -1047. Last time this happened was 6-3 with big drop next day. I would watch Spx 1301.58 and 1290 if it happens a CIT. On the bullish side the SPX and Vix both down calls for up (80%) chance.

Looking for Intraday high and reverse. Will I get it to finish this target. 1315 Spx

Pivots in 1/8's

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Cautious

We see the Spx (^gspc) support resistance. My trend model is telling me the pressure is 1284 down, 1287 up. 2 days at most is my guess for higher.

The other weakness is the Dow and the 30 are not hitting new highs for the last 4 days not a good sign.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I don't think this is it.???

This looked and had EDT action. click charts to enlarge.

It just stopped at support! We have Tuesday with 1st day of Month indicator saying up. Hirsch saying Feb 1st up 7 of last 8, Nas up 6 in a row. An the S&P study if you are going to buy only 1 day per month make it the first day of each month.

This Gann box yellow line says well we are hitting resistance. Lets see how the 4th looks. That day we have a 144TDL,55TDH and 9,18,36 TDL hitting I think it will be a higher low. If I'm wrong then the 1247-50 gap is a target and we have an uptrend line hitting 1150 all Spx.

This is a Fractal from Hank at of course it was dead on.
I post this chart to see if it will have any mapping effect, my idea only, a fractal is for one day as far as I know.