Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Long

 Putting my technical skills on the line.
This is a good place to get long for a Short term rally.
Personally I think the low was yesterday Thursday and Friday should open firm and not look back.

#1 upvol up an a down day is bullish
#2 trin .68 I have. bullish
#3 All of yesterday charts. bullish
#4 todays charts. P&F  looking at 1390 .
Has lowered the longer term to 1250 from 1290
 Here we have a nice fractal where pink line was crossed to bottom  and like wise in the second circle close to the same size.
My indicators are seeing the area around 11-25-11
 and 5-18-12 where we had sharp rallies.

Cycles are looking for some movement.

This is for fun and games.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rally Time

 I know many are looking for a crash here but I fail to see anything but an oversold market.
You need volatility to get a crash and vix is low.
Yes we are in AGET wave 3 a crash wave but don't see it with other works.

Bullish view #1 Chart on left has big red volume where other bottoms have formed.
 #2  Even my $naz model is now in the OS area

 Gann box wants to stop drop.
 Can .618 stop the drop?
Can that tangle of angles stop the drop?
 My pride and job the overbought/ oversold sheet.


Jerry O

Volume and oversold models say up to Friday.

Wednesday down

 Quick review at 1am ET.
Future are up sharply but I still think we are down Wednesday.We do have the vix +spx saying UP
not shown.

#1-My bear view is this chart shows the volume in bearish mode under blue lines

 #2 We had a outside day today, enlarge chart to view the record. No perfect but close. Most technical analyses says inside and outside days are useless or undecided, I think different.
Here is the AGET view of the count. Other then the pitch fork trail not much as far as direction.

My parabolic indicator also looks for a down or at least a lower low. for Wednesday.

As far as being OB/OS I'm close to being OS but not there yet in the SPX, nor the Nas. We need a thud down.