Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trend UP unless

Friday was a 144TDH was that it? Well till we go down the trend is up no magic bell will ring.
If this really is an EDT it's extended by the count I have on the chart.

Here is another count I have:

If 2002 low spx 768.63 and ATH 1576.09 = 807.46 points *17.618 =665.20 actual low 666.79. Then ATH 1576.09- 666.79 =909.30 points*46.618 = 1333.20 High so far 1330.39 stay tuned! This count offers higher as a 5th wave will offer.

Bearish view: On a close basis we need to watch Spx 1325.75, then 1314.69 and finally we could put more trust in a CIT at 1308.77/83 or weaker close. One thing we can all agree when it starts down there will be no getting on even thought the dipsters will try. Gap at 1250 and AGET target 1212 All Spx