Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Probably a little higher.

  • Chart #1 shows a fib circle with higher out prices possible.
  • Chart #2 shows the strong resistance area from yr 2000 and yr 2007 also suggesting we could hit the grey area
  • Chart #3 suggests 1495 or noted out come.
  • Vix + Spx suggest Wednesday up as does upvolume.
  • Still very overbought but that is when s**t happens.
  • Oex p/c ratio tells me nothing.
  • I have a 40 TD cycle on the 21st most cycles have been lows except the  4-2-12 (1422H spx) and the  5-1-12 1415H 20 tdc so we are due for a cycle high.
THE WHAT IF BAR DIDN"T HOLD FOR THE SNAP! but you get the idea .

More charts from my Stockcharts.com site.  


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday down 17th

Top chart upvol down on an upday calls down Monday
2nd chart we have come down under the blue line once we go above it a correction should start..

Nice gann box showing perhaps a completion. And the Get 5th wave.
Wave 5 is longer than 3 probably not legal.