Thursday, May 26, 2011


Never got the big drop many seen....:(
Thinking Thursday up based on UPV, and isee , Friday down so far,
then Holiday 30th reminder.

May 27th
will be very quiet, take the day off. ( methinks)
May 31 UP dow up 8 of 11
June 1st
UP dow up 10 of last 12
June 2nd
look for a MACD sell nasdaq
June 3rd Dow down

H @ Almanac

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alert 2 PTI weak for Wednesday

As we look at Advanced Get above we notice the PTI is offering a wave 5 failure. Target could be 1303 to 1294. I had thought Sunday the low would be Tuesday but Tuesday didn't act right. I will admit a few smarter than me were also confirming low not in yet. I hope we are right.
Bullish-Indicators vix + spx offers a buy 70% correct.
Bearish indicators PC ratio bearish, Isee,My trending model on a sell since 5-9 @ 1340, some spread sheet work. (upvol and ratios)

Stocks above the 50 dma are close to a sell

click on image to enlarge.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011


UPDATE AT 12 NOON ET spx -18 so far.. The chart above is John Murphy favorite a 13/34 EMA. You will notice the last high was 18 bars to a crossover. Today we are at bar 16 near a crossover. So my call for a low tomorrow is looking better and better.
Jerry O

The more I think about this I believe we will have a trad-able Low on Monday's close or Tuesday May 24th.

With the high P/C ratio, several of my spread sheet indicators and the after OE slump!
What we will need is a 9% or less upvolume day

That is my best guess based on what the world markets are doing at 10:30 PM ET