Friday, May 22, 2015

When !

Monday late night  9:23 pm
As I suspected I did both a moving average sell and a mechanical sell. MKt so jumpy may mean nothing.
As far as I can tell the priority indicator in DT5-DT7 has offered a sell and the bands do suggest strong resistance.

Friday 2:30 update
CTIX      This is a $2.64 stock better then option. News it has expanded it trails on cancer drug, and this is at Harvard.      
Sue any thing from you  sources?  I did buy some what the " H"*<:-P party

BTW if we close down ( spx) I will get a sell order. Does it mean any thing the way the TA works of late only time will tell.    *:) happy

CPI @ .03   If burger worker get that $15 raise or some raise the price of the $1.00 menu will go to $2.00.    Pressure is building from the bottom.
$10.00/$15.00  is a 66% raise  
Jerry*/:) raised eyebrows
Thursday was an inside day considered bullish by me, but TA has been poor of late.
Possible we hit strong resistance today with a double top. Janet will rule Friday.

Here is Planet V in action on the SPX. This perfect sell was 12-29-14
@ spx 2090.57 losing 102.45 in 13 fibs days. 90 points was fairly captured.
When will we get there I don't know . Jerry


Thursday, May 21, 2015

WWW or some thing big?

Was it just another Weird Wally Wednesday or much more damaging. answer neither ! www is Wed is W of option expiry week, I stand corrected. updated
We had an outside  day today  bearish to me.
Volume was not telling neutral
Higher high them give it up is not bullish usually
MFI gave a sell   chart below.
Is it a EDT?   bearish  chart below with sample.
Wave 5   for sure topping
3rd chart down, the trans ports   ugg    bearish

Please view this chart a lot of distribution today!  bearish