Saturday, September 25, 2010

On hold

I can't generate another number till we flat line again. All CIT's come when the market flat lines because tops roll.
Perhaps Tuesday and Friday = a double top but need more info.
Trend is up till I can get a reading. Spx 1125 gap interesting and needs to be watched.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Close but to what?

We did hit the high Tuesday and perhaps you nibbled short there.
I'm on watch for an aggressive sell at 1112 spx for Friday. I don't think it will happen since other work suggest we are closer to a low. Let the market speak.
Since 9-17 we have followed the market up with sell numbers of course not realistic till today.
(test 1079,1084,1083,1092,1102,1112)
Since 1112 is only good for Friday,I suspect we rally some and close on a new sell number higher than 1112.
We want to see what comes first.

I'm on vacation but will try to do a last hr run of data.


Remember this is a trending model it will not pick exact tops or bottoms.
LOY projected to be 11-16-10 +/- 2 TD price unknown.