Thursday, January 8, 2015


Yesterday I was excited to offer the buy signal, but then I went to the timingshortterm group and they told me the time and the wave LOL
Greta work all.
AS "LOU R" used to say, so what can you do for me now!

This first chart will show the resistance. and the buy bias of Advanced Get.

Now on this chart I want to show the 10 corrections of approx %5.
If you notice the corrections have been getting shorter and faster.
I don't know were this will take us,.  but it seems that a long running rally
is not possible yet.I will watch 2079 for now SPX Jerry O

buy signal

Today Wed of Wolly World we received a buy from the MA and the Vix (no chart). Today is an inside day and I consider those bullish, most of the time. The Fed notes helped general  holding power of the rally.
Unless we open weaker I think we rally. Opening tells the story. DAx looks strong also.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The market went down big today, right to major support. Was it oil, well there should be no linking to oil so must be Euro hustle.
If we don't turn up here then 1972 is next. I offered a sell on the 30th of Dec but didn't think it would be much more then were we are today.
If we go lower then I was wrong.

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