Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quiet before the storm

Going back to April I can't find a day like today as far as pressure,tick and trin combo.

Have to report that mechanical is still on a sell and trend is on a buy less 1137 SPX falls.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More smoke and mirrors

Today Wed 6th was a lot like 7/27/2010. On that day back on 7-27-2010 with pressure,tick and trin similar. If that is the case we should have a lower day Thursday.

Smoke and Mirrors by the Fed.

I look for a 1day 1/2 pullback.
If yesterday was the 23rd, today was the 24th. Similar pressure,tick and trin.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On watch

My latest number based on Monday action has moved the aggressive sell to 1135 spx. from 1132.
My model see's nothing else.

Technically today had a 9-23 look with the tick,trin and pressure at similar levels but not exactly.
So a hugh gap up could cool the down side so be on watch. Remember my buy or sells are based on the close number. I think 1141 is a pivot and barcharts has resistance at 1146.17.

My best guess is we have a weak open and low PM close.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sell alert Imminent !

Based on my Friday warning and further study I think we are ready to fall.
Upside pressure have been waning on my pressure model not shown.

First up is my mechanical sell system chart from excel click any image to enlarge.You will notice in 10 days we have a magnet at 1141 and a break of that could be real early confirmation.

Next up is my trending model excel sheet and how important 1132 spx is for a signal in test mode.

Next we have a my TD counts and sub counts, based on this I look for lows ahead as posted in chart.

We then have my AGET ew count, several fractals with their out comes,and then the MACD indicator with standard setting and my setting.

Now of course we are at such and area that I could be fooled.
Jerry- Good Luck..................................