Saturday, September 24, 2011

Looking for a rally a few days

Update for Thursday
Looks like it will start with a great rally.
PC ratio2.01,Trin, Tick all bullish. Su all day

Update For Wednesday 9-28.
We are over bought but just barely. ( 1 of my indicators) I think the sell comes Thursday/Friday am so far. Isee looks bullish (wed) and would like to see Vix lower to name a few other opinions.
This is a blue week same as last month EOM window dress. I'm net short and day trade the up moves. Wed low am ,hi pm day. Click image to enlarge.

Update for Tuesday: As long as indicators remain in a normal range working great. I have no call for Tuesday or target.

My view here for this week is we could rally.
Why? I have several proprietary indicators showing we are very over sold ( not RSI and the like)then their is EOM window dressing

We also had an inside day Friday I consider that bullish! Will stick with my posted targets at Khalsas pad ( link on right) and that is 1139 ( hit once) and 1162 all Spx. My plan for Monday we could test 1114 ish again, BUT if we close higher than Friday's close we need to be long. That is my best guess and how I will play.

History + the Future click chart to enlarge.......
This chart shows us breaking down under the angle with the 50 day moving average and wave 5 targets.

Where are we? This chart shows a fractal from the ATH 15wks then 8 weeks, if we get a close repeat we have 3wks left. Mid Oct.......

There are many cycles hitting in mid Oct suggesting an area where a major low could happen. Mine seem to center on the Oct 1st to 21st not close enough? Well we wiill update when it gets closer.
This is a chart of the color weeks. Does it tell a story? Link to right to read all about it.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Short term sells are here

In my group Friday I posted today is get short day. Near the close I did.
Saturday I found this on CNBC from GS who is singing a new tune, and bearish if you ask me!