Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ZIG ZAG e new chart Tuesday final

 OK lets look at it this way. NO MA clustering, currently,
50 DMA @2049 should hold/ must hold.
MFI divergence area, room for it to come down a little with Mkt.

Tuesday, Dec 8th at 1:40 PM
I think wave E is still needed or ZIG-ZaG E
Most indicators are oversold.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Failure and Fibs

The fibs are doing a good job of finding lows.
Dec 15 ish could be that low.

Monday, October 5, 2015

diveragences were bullish but

Hello at 3PM Monday we are up some 78%  since the last low. If you were an "AI" you wou;d take profits right here.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today important day? 28th

I have today as a fib hit of 89 TD. +/-1  IF we take out 1867.00 then the wave 5 is in, doesn't have to be the low.
Could reset the cycles. 144 TD takes us into Dec 15th ish. I think we at least have a little bounce here.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

17.xx Spx in our future.

It just would'nt take that much to put us at 1789.Spx
The wave 5 could stop earlier, we do and AB then crash C
Thinking Sept 14th or 15th  low.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Wave 4 rally should be over.

UPDATE Sunday nite.
I have no call other than wave 4 is unfolding and we head down to wave 5 lows


The math on my spread says we had an EDT down close as pictured on a 5m

Here we see the wave 4 rally that should be over. Read the chart for direction and limits,right click will enlarge it!  Jerry

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rally time

3:35PM ET I think rally is a one day event just like the DAX.
I posted this at 4:20pm in email
Notice we closed at a double bottom so tried to buy an oex call since they trade till 4:15PM ET
price was 10.40 I put in for 10.50 and they keep going to $12.40
I don't have to look to know that futures are up.
I expect a rally tomorrow.

Late night check I see them up big time.
R1 is 1921
R2 is 1976.20   and I think it will be tested shortly.


Monday, August 24, 2015

How important is SPX 1820

If 1820 goes there are only a few support area's before Spx 15xx


Sunday, August 23, 2015

More down

Take a few days off and boom.

Last post I said rally would end shortly and looked for a low on  28th to 4th.

We are in a wave 3 crash so it could be over before the 28th.

We should have new resistance at Spx 2070  and support at 1900.

I know many think that 1820 will fall here but I don’t

Using the Gann angles it offers Spx 1900

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Question: Are cycles stronger than technical’s? UPDATE

Update Monday close
Cycles won!  We did 50 Spx points in 3/4 TD ( trade days)
Is there more to go perhaps but I'm in vacation mode. Rally  will be over shortly. I won't put money down while I'am away.Here is a picture of my Static cycles as a guide and my Gann Wheel inspired
offset floating cycles. Happy trading Jerry NextLows (8-28,9-4)

Question: Are cycles stronger than technical’s? Sunday @4pm

Well I’am about to find out.

The cycle  low came last week as expected,but not the way I like it.  Mostly it was too fast and unplayable in my mind, because I count on a retest. I also count on technical's being over sold.The MFI was close but others were mostly neutral.

I had the rally starting on the 14th but was hedging  because of the technical's.

If the cycles lead then next week will be up. If the technicals lead and Friday hit a double top and a resistance zone then we will retest Tuesday and scream higher.

I hate to read reports if it doesn’t go up it will go down, but that is where I’m at.

Learning the cycle strength.

Can you live for a month without the ATM?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

REtest Thursday

update after close:
Market did nothing I expected today will remain flat. A mixed market has little details.
It can be bad for your financial health.
Keep my powder dry

First and intraday chart showing a firm buy at 12;20 of course I was at the DR.   :(

OK Thursday! If I'm right it will be a high am low pm day.
We should test the low of  SPX 2052 +/- 10 points.
Here is a chart with us in a wave  3 drop  and next will be the rally to 2101-2113 to keep this count and no overlap.
I have been calling for this basing and rally for days. Today finally
my parabolic indicator and several  counts said the low will be  tomorrow. Upside target will be .618.----.78 Jerry

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LOW finally close.

Email Monday close:
L"oo"ks like a short squeeze and momentum run today.I think we reverse most of it.
One thing that makes me suspect is that the indicators fast or slow didn't do that much..
Lets see.

Tuesday night:   close
Tuesday did reverse and the indicators did move down.
I would like to see Spx 2044 to 2067 Wednesday to get this low over with. Depending on what happens Wed, low is either Wed-Thursday.

The system I use now has floating cycles, not static cycles. Some one once said to me I did a “what if” and found it worked on Elliot Wave.  I tried it on cycles and it seems to work. The bases is, that I know where the next high should be but you have to have a high, on in this case a low to complete the cycle before the next one starts.
Thus thinking the 14th would be a high, is now floating to 17th to 19th at least.

Question? What if the ATM’s were shut down, would you have enough cash.
You should have at least 3 months of cash hidden.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lower maybe lost

Looking at Europe and the US futures tonight I see strength.
Is it because Abby Joesph Cohen was on an looks for Spx  2150 in months,or Birinyi Assoc.  looking for Spx 3100 by 2017.
I read where the market is O.S.but AAII bulls +3.2 and bears drop -9.0.
I had felt Spx 2044 was coming this drop, and still possible since indicators  turned down Friday.
Last several lows have come at 3 TD momentum of 416x and we are at 4177 but even with low cash in the funds we get these silly rallies.
I have just about run out of cycle time for a low.
By Wednesday a rally is coming.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Low unfolding but could be next week

Here we have the Stockcharts !STVOSPX INDICATOR. It gave a sell yesterday when it crossed the MA. on the 5th. On the other hand my excel parabolic indicator calls for a low tomorrow the 7th.
Since the PI calls for a low tomorrow but I usually get a second PI signal I will go with the !S indicator.
If we don't get a lower low tomorrow then the low will move to early next week .

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Big drop this week!

Lets put up a chart of AAPL vs $SPX in red.
If AAPL is a leader and down yesterday $3.80  or 15% since its high then the stocks are going to stop pissing in the wind and drop. We had 2/1 declines,13NH/16/NL


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Low week?

I have had this week as a low for a week. Now is the time. Monday we need to break 2097 very fast that should turn the indicators down.
Friday drop just put them in holding pattern.
Will add a few charts one will be weekly of the SPX and how close it is to dropping out of the channel.
The second shows what is a rounding top.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Monday key to how low we will go!

Just to show if 2039 to 2044 broke, we will be at 1980 very fast.

I'm worried about Monday 27th. Friday’s drop was so big it moved my parabolic sheet ahead 1+ TD. Thursday as I posted I was looking for low retest on the 3rd 5th but now think 31st will re-test the low ( that is where we get long)
Monday now calls for a low/reverse. A check mark day or a V day.
Monday is a blue day Key times are 10:30 +/- 20m and 3:30. My guess is it will be a low am to high pm day.
The parabolic sheet is rarely wrong on low calls.
Problem all indicator are only 1/2 way into down stretch.
IE: We could double bottom Monday or plunge big time. Since my indicators are ½ way to a-low we need a big drop. If not any rally will be short lived

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lower Next Week.

Hi All,

Today Thursday I said @ 11:30 am ET that 2110 needs to fall but it held hard for a while.

Now that 2110 SPX has fallen I believe it is strong resistance.

Friday is a wild card and I have no call!

I have a low next week and a retest of that low the week after Aug 3rdISH  to get long for a sharp rally to 13-14th or 20-21 expiry more on this in a week.

How low could we go? Of course it will have to be find tuned but 2075/2083 SPX looks do-able if this is a wave 4 correction. Lower than 2075 and this is no Wave 4.

I look for a momentum number of 4150- currently we are at 4221.

This is what Advance Get looks like.with 618 @ 2075 Spx


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sells every where.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday 21st – Wednesday-22nd critical

Tuesday 21st – Wednesday-22nd  critical 
Tuesday we have Apple and Verizon earnings to mention a few power houses.

Monday closed at the most Overbought level since Dec 30th when we dropped 100 spx points in 6 TD.

Or back in Oct 27th where we went up 150 Spx points in 30 TD.

SO Overbought doesn’t mean we will drop!!!!!!!!!!

My best guess is we will drop by Thursday this week at the latest.

Friday, July 17, 2015



Thursday close 16th, very close to new highs as suggested. The OEX did hit a new ATH today. That makes me think we are getting O.B. rarely does the OEX lead the SPX.

More highs Friday is a good place to nibble short, but early next week maybe better.

Murphy Math people say a frame has shifted, I think a phase has also shifted in the counts. Lows ran later and highs look to be running later.

With that in mind I will place the next low on Aug  5th -2 TD.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More highs coming up date 15th close

PIM by Jerry to Group, names will be hidden ,but my thoughts are real.

Thank you xxxx and xx.
Looks like I was a little early and should have held for the 15th that I had posted on my blog. Of course profit is profit.
So here we are the 15-16th time frame and a xx day to boot.
My problem is xx said today could be a High or low and of course it maybe both.
I just don’t see us OB here so we may or SHOULD have a Higher high.
I don’t think we are there yet. I,  right at 5:50PM ET think we go higher probably into next week. When I say higher I mean sharply higher to ATH.
Look at INTC after market, so tech’s are hot.
xxxxx sent out some dates I want to study..
Good trading.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flat for now IRAN next.

Sold my calls today Monday rally. IRAN maybe the news Tuesday.
Iran aside I look for a little more rally Tuesday before we pull back to say 2080-88. The math says Monday is a EDT -D and the chart does offer  some what of ending digital triangle look.
Charts offer more upside and the high could be the 16th new moon.
I have been using the 15th-16th as a best guess for last gasp high.
Working on where next low could be, next purchase will be puts.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Staying long!

Quote of the week- “Sometimes, when it’s too obvious, it’s obviously wrong.”

I like that and have stayed long looking for 2100 Spx some time this week 15th or 16th
would suit me. I had this week picked out weeks ago as a high but let us see what it takes to get over bought. This is opex expiry week and a good place for a high.
Next after this week we will be looking out for the start of a decline and I think they could be much faster than we are used too.
Jon Murphy had a letter out this week with his Elliot Wave count, basically looking for a wave 4 pull back and then wave 5 higher.
My Advance GeT has us in a finished wave 5 and now in ABC corrections.

This is important: We are at the 125 sma line. I don’t think it will be resistance but if it is, back on Oct 15th 2014 we dropped 6.56%  and if we do it again then the target would be Spx 1950.
If 2040 falls then I had 1970-80 so 1950  would be in range. I don’t expect that to happen yet.
Jerry      Timingshortterm @ yahoo groups
Not investment advice……………………………………………………………………..!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mother of a short Sqeeze starts July 9th

I said yesterday if we had an inside day we will rally.
Sure enough we had  the inside day, out of many things the market could have done! That is the Wall Street code to rally.
It's all fixed, to screw the little guy, but the little guy can play too. To be clear I'm not saying every inside day is a buy only the special ones
I look for the mother of a short Squeeze to start Thursday and go until the 15th or 16th of next week.
Not trading advise. Do you own work and figure it out.
Fun and games on the internet.     :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weird Day

I was hopping to see Spx 2098.63 by Wed but we may need to wait till next week.
Maybe I should be bearish but I'm not.
Why, well why aren't we down big time It looks like a market not ready to go down.
Sure future's are down big time again tonight @ 12:30 pm ET. China crashing and Asia weak.
My problem is on the 6-30 double bottom low we had  heavy volume. Today point for point we had light volume moving us up from the low.
We are in a C wave, but where can you find a C wave that was also an outside day reversal?
Where is a C wave confirmed by 5 waves down.
Conclusion if Wed is flat and an inside day that will be bullish, or else we crash since this C can be a crash wave.
I remain long but with little confidence.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Staying Long for now.

Saturday Night July  4th. Watched a lot of local fireworks.

Many looked for mkt to tank on the Greek outlook before the long holiday.

The Spx had plenty of chance to fail Thursday but put in a somewhat flat day.

Even Friday July 3rd the Ftse and Dax didn’t fall apart.

I don’t think the market will have a negative reaction to Greece again, no matter how it goes this weekend.

The Spx market looks bullish to me but if we can’t take out Spx 2098.63 by the 7th or 8th of July then we may have to re-evaluate. These are not the dates I have a strong hit on but lets see what happens by then.

So far everything I have is on a buy.

Jerry         timingshortterm yahoo groups   not for training

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of Month rally coming.

Monday Close
Adx –DI at level seen only near 10-15-14,5-18-12,8-8-11 major lows.
First blow out day I have had in 71 TD.
EDT possible calling for low tomorrow.
My parabolic indicator calls for low tomorrow.

So I had the 29th-30th picked for a low. EOM window dressing coming.
Depending how low Tuesday is will tell the story. The –DI could go higher (bearish) and the MFI (money flow has room to go down,bearish)
No new low up we go, if a new low it will be tested in days if market is as weak as it appears.
My call- Of course we will open strong Tuesday but will it hold? I think not with more of a chance to buy Tuesday.

This may not be about Greece, but China and Porto Rica. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Worst days of Month

Update for Monday

I have a minor low, for 6-29,6-30 . Probably Spx 2078.44 the 150dma .
  Short and sweet as Verizon say's I have run out of internet time sic

Sell off came with out Greek deal . Today Friday @ 12noon with mkt up I believe the low of this series will be Tuesday the 30th in the AM.

The worst days of the month 19th to the 27th.  Bear wize  *>:) devil
A big sell off is due and I bet it will come when Greece accepts the deal!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

1980-1990 Spx coming

Fed speak today was good. Does market like good news? NOOOOOO!
If we follow the Transports down then 1980-1990 is on tap .

Support/resistance temp. sold my calls today, holding only longer term puts as of tonight.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Major cycle low is due! -pondering update

Update 6-16 close. Sure 2072 was a double bottom.
Is it going to hold after Wed Fed rally?
Several indicator suggest this is a relief rally.
MFI and my proprietary parabolic didn't offer a low.

low  98.xx next day hi odds
hi is 101xx High in 3 days hi odds 

   I didn't see these numbers eitherJerry

We have the  90d , 120 D and the 165degree cycle all due in this time frame +/- 2 TD

Friday, June 12, 2015

Still think rally is all smoke and mirrors!

Sorry I posted this last night to group but forgot Blog.
timingshortterm  yahoo groups
These indicators/fractals look very close so if we are going to fail here, we need to open weak or double top and drop.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

On Balance vs Spx

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HIGH odds low is Wed

Low Wednesday!
Every thing says' a low Wednesday. I would watch these numbers.
All Spx steps 2096.03,   2085.57,   2074.99
A close above 2126.07 would change the short term trend back up.
I will be more cautious if we spike higher on the open. Watch the Dax, and $$$

Friday, May 22, 2015

When !

Monday late night  9:23 pm
As I suspected I did both a moving average sell and a mechanical sell. MKt so jumpy may mean nothing.
As far as I can tell the priority indicator in DT5-DT7 has offered a sell and the bands do suggest strong resistance.

Friday 2:30 update
CTIX      This is a $2.64 stock better then option. News it has expanded it trails on cancer drug, and this is at Harvard.      
Sue any thing from you  sources?  I did buy some what the " H"*<:-P party

BTW if we close down ( spx) I will get a sell order. Does it mean any thing the way the TA works of late only time will tell.    *:) happy

CPI @ .03   If burger worker get that $15 raise or some raise the price of the $1.00 menu will go to $2.00.    Pressure is building from the bottom.
$10.00/$15.00  is a 66% raise  
Jerry*/:) raised eyebrows
Thursday was an inside day considered bullish by me, but TA has been poor of late.
Possible we hit strong resistance today with a double top. Janet will rule Friday.

Here is Planet V in action on the SPX. This perfect sell was 12-29-14
@ spx 2090.57 losing 102.45 in 13 fibs days. 90 points was fairly captured.
When will we get there I don't know . Jerry


Thursday, May 21, 2015

WWW or some thing big?

Was it just another Weird Wally Wednesday or much more damaging. answer neither ! www is Wed is W of option expiry week, I stand corrected. updated
We had an outside  day today  bearish to me.
Volume was not telling neutral
Higher high them give it up is not bullish usually
MFI gave a sell   chart below.
Is it a EDT?   bearish  chart below with sample.
Wave 5   for sure topping
3rd chart down, the trans ports   ugg    bearish

Please view this chart a lot of distribution today!  bearish


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cycle high

Weekend and first of Month.
Still look for 2044 Spx this week. Full Moon. Sell still in effect.Over bought. If we gap higher then I'm totally wrong.
Jerry O
Wed 4-29 -15 close update
Broken record again.  Received a MA sell and a mechanical color sell. No EDT buy this time.
We did have an inside day I usually consider that bullish, however we had a -16.68 drop in momentum vs a drop of 7.91 Spx points. That calls for a lower price. If the market was to follow the DAX level we would be at SPX 2044 or Spy 204.5. My call is a sharp down at some point Thursday.
Jerry     EOM position challenge.

Monday close update.
Received a MA sell and a mechanical color sell . However you can count 5 waves down and a EDT signal also posted. I think we need to watch Dax for weakness, need at least Spx 2097 to get the bearish juices flowing. No charts tonight.


Still think we are near a cycle high and one more day could put the MFI into OB and the DPO giving a better signal.

30 CD Cycle looks about right. On 2 -25 we hit a high and closed 6-8 points below the high.
On 3-23 high closed 6-8 points below high.
On 4-23 high close 6-8 points below high with following.
A cycle H+H+H  look very good here. I expect a few days of strong weakness
Is this a top? Probably not because the 4.94% model would have us at Spx 2160  today.
I have a 4td MA on the MFI, very weak here. A better fit would have been O.B.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NO technical damage YET!

Other then the NYA we have not had the technical damage we would hope for.
I have a chart with $DAX over $SPX both are holding, but $Dax did plunge first and all eyes will be on it tonight.
I also have a $DAX lower in that chart with the 50dma just to show you we need a big break in the trend is going to change. The money flow did take a crazy dip on Thursday close
Erik Hadik says we are in for heavy selling I hope he is right.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2 signals

Thursday close. 2 signals. We had an inside day with a down day considered bullish by me.
I also have a short the rally signal.
If we rally strongly Friday then it is a short.

Right from the open this was wrong.

I get a sell if we take out and close under SPX 2094.
To be honest I have had 8 wip buys and sells in the last weeks.
When one direction finally takes it will be a big move.
I’m neither bullish or bearish yet. Why “Wall of Worry is back”
Low interest rates and free money World wide.
If retail sells are strong it will move the market.
IE good news could plunge the market, because bad news has been holding it up.
 Ps Monday we had an EDT close calling for ideal -
low am and high close Tuesday that worked.
OF course the chart has to look like a EDT, ( just a formula only half works, but does
Alert me.)

Sunday, April 5, 2015


John Murphy posted a chart showing the candle volume candles, with red candles larger than white.
This suggests more selling on down days.
To add to this chart I added the OBV and the A/D distribution  line.
Look for yourself.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Short Week

Sell signal IN.
Wednesday a wild day. I said if we close under 2060 everything would go to a sell in my stuff. Who knows what will happen the way we are so wild. I still have puts.

Tuesday Evening close
Mechanical says today was EDT up signal.
Mechanical say today was inside day, I consider inside days bullish.
Facts say a close under spx 2060 everything goes to a sell and bulls in serious trouble.
I have no call as to true direction.  Jerry O

Monday evening close,

Every thing went back to a buy with this big move up!

We would have to give this rally up real fast since we were barely oversold.

The only scenario I like for Tuesday is this: Monday was a EDT, so we open weak Tuesday, make an intraday high and then plunge.

If we open weak and just back off a little all day then more rally ahead.

Happy trading.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why we should worry about a correction

Friday-Close and update.
LOW could be Monday or Tuesday. Monday is 5 TD from last high. Thinking the bottom will come with a EDT close. That would put low Tuesday.
Friday was Inside day

inside day is bullish odds are better if down day, but it was up so I think it fails.
Every thing I have is still on a sell.
Chart shows the overbought area on Spx and other things

This chart is an indicator I call Planet V. It is supposed to show overbought,or oversold area.  This is a chart of INTC today showing a clear  OS position with indicator into the price area. I hope to smooth it out more.

Click charts to enlarge    Jerry O


Update Wednesday. More crossovers and a prediction

Just look at colors

 Here we have Planet V that I have had to ask someone in my group to help chart, but I have a lot more to add to it.   Ordering a chart book.

Tuesday 6pm March 24th 2015

He may not have the same take!

For data miners 8 weeks of data . hint they are screaming bullish @65%

Looking at my work we did get a MA crossover SELL and a bear bias marker