Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day Trading TG WK

Been to busy to post!

 Wed was gap dn  9:45 was low, do opposite you did alright.
I didn't post for  Friday but looked for a gap dn again no times. We gaped up.
Monday Nov 28th again indicators  look for a gap dn, I don't think it will fail and the time is 9:45
We should again mount a rally into the close Jerry O
Tuesday had the gap and the 10:30 time of AM high but was 15M late ( not bad), technically we should have not rallied into the close. Perhaps a setup of some sort?
Wed  indicators look for a gap up. ( 2 gaps in a row same direction usually don't work)
Times 9:40 and 10:20 for direction
 Monday update and Tuesday call.
GAP was wrong but rest of day right, unplayable with such a large gap.
TUESDAY looks for a gap UP.   10:30 key time do opposite.

Day Trading
Monday  21st 2016 November
Indicators are diverging so a tougher call.
I look for a gap down to buy this weeks call options.
After the gap down or up, I still want to get long. This is a high AM
day that I think will invert to a high PM day.
I trade OEX options since you can
trade up to 4:15PM –E.T.

Ps. Here was Friday 18th post that worked well.
Friday Indicators looked for a Gap dn, rally into 10:10-11:05 centered 10:30, then down rest of day.
Worked great today, except for the gap all that did was get me in puts earlier.
Made 2 points.
Monday indicators are diverging so will have to study that but expect choppy waves.

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