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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why we should worry about a correction

Friday-Close and update.
LOW could be Monday or Tuesday. Monday is 5 TD from last high. Thinking the bottom will come with a EDT close. That would put low Tuesday.
Friday was Inside day

inside day is bullish odds are better if down day, but it was up so I think it fails.
Every thing I have is still on a sell.
Chart shows the overbought area on Spx and other things

This chart is an indicator I call Planet V. It is supposed to show overbought,or oversold area.  This is a chart of INTC today showing a clear  OS position with indicator into the price area. I hope to smooth it out more.

Click charts to enlarge    Jerry O


Update Wednesday. More crossovers and a prediction

Just look at colors

 Here we have Planet V that I have had to ask someone in my group to help chart, but I have a lot more to add to it.   Ordering a chart book.

Tuesday 6pm March 24th 2015

He may not have the same take!

For data miners 8 weeks of data . hint they are screaming bullish @65%

Looking at my work we did get a MA crossover SELL and a bear bias marker


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Low Confidence

Still not getting the right numbers.W5 over laps W3 so no vote again.


Update at 12:15 Spx 2087.50
OK Last night I was unsure. Today at 12:15 PM ET after looking over the market action I need a close under 2081 SPX to get a serious trend change signal.
Lucky so far as I did short the close.
Stay tuned for tonight's report.   Jerry O

Going to make a low confidence call.

Outside day usually bearish.

Blow out day should be a down CIT.

Short above Spx 2099.50 could be zero or much more above.
Rates are not going up because things are getting worst , not really bullish,me thinks.

Low confidence because I have no sells on mechanical or ma’s.

I didn’t understand the EW pattern today.

We didn’t thrust into the close.

Not investment advice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Recap For Wed.

The EDT worked great but it was unplayable, damn.
Low was 11:20  am et
Wed mkt we have an inside day I consider it bullish. Of course it's Janet's day so who know's

Recap Monday
We had the rally as predicted.
Monday Close  March 16th
Getting a signal we should look to short above Spx 2081.19. It could be zero above or 30 points above.
That's all I can say today.      Jerry O


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rally Time

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Rally could be much ado about nothing!

Rally could be much ado about nothing!
My MA cross/over  still on a sell!
My mechanical model still on a sell!
We hit a fib level today. Charts way below.
I think we watch for high AM low PM. (3:30)
Spx 2056.70 is on my radar.

Advanced Get to my surprise offered daily close wave 3 with little up power.
Based on that I have lower my S#2
Live Elliot Wave offered no surprise but an intraday wave 5.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More downside

Update at 3:15 Tuesday
Remember my target in advance is Spx 2009 to 2020 posted Saturday
Today we have 863 advance 2200 decl so far
NH 20 NL 119
This will feed on it's self.
 Look like it will be tomorrow,  at least, unless we dip the last 45M  
Jerry O

12:30 Update. Tuesday
Once (if) we break 2050 I look for much more down.
IF counting I see only W1 & W2 in so far.  I'm not a pro counter at all.
It's important we close on the LOD    low of day JO

Monday close
The most bullish thing I can say is we had an inside day usually bullish.
I suspect it won't work. Had the vix been positive that would have been bearish missed by .15.
Volume had a down tilt most of the day. New lows have picked up.-I'm still on a MA sell.
We closed on a S/R area not only long term but intraday
Conclusion Unless we take out 2083.49 on the open I would expect a drop or sharply down day.     JO

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Scenario

I have been real bearish for over a week buying some oex puts,some vix calls and spy puts.
Too late to get short now,me thinks, there will be a better short entry if I have this right. BTW for protection, Fun and games only.
Don't believe any thing you read on Internet. That said here we go!
First chart ( click to enlarge) Elliot Trigger offers more down side---.S/R offers 2019 (ALL SPX) --Fib ..618 offers 2008  My best guess is we have a good low for a WAVE A.
Interesting March 6th is 6 years from the devil number 666 on March 6th 2009.

More clues we were  ready to turn. Of course the 4.94 pattern way below. This is the Bollinger bands offering a CIT in that configuration. John Bollinger offered it as a golden nugget in his course.
click chart to enlarge.    Jerry O

Friday, February 27, 2015

We are close 4.94%

This 4.94% has picked every top for the last few years based off of the 125 SMA.
At 2115 SPX we hit that %+, sure it could range for a few more days but chances are something big will blindside us.The end of month window dressing is over etc. Greek rethink,Fed funds etc.
The VIX is also in place to rally. I bought some June 14 calls on the vix they seemed to be the cheapest option around. OEX and SPX were priced to perfection.
Happy trading Jerry O
BTW the kidney stones were removed, very painful, today first time no pain at all.

Friday, February 20, 2015


update close 23rd
So far not ready to fall. We are over bought.There is a 96% correlation to the 1956 stock market that was a very choppy year. We need a gap down at the close to change the air or pattern.

Going to add a few charts I think worked.
Looking for Spx 2010 by next Friday the 27th based on this CIT on today's close. (19th) Hopefully it will be  WAVE A of an ABC  as pictured below.

click charts to enlarge   Jerry O