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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Staying Long for now.

Saturday Night July  4th. Watched a lot of local fireworks.

Many looked for mkt to tank on the Greek outlook before the long holiday.

The Spx had plenty of chance to fail Thursday but put in a somewhat flat day.

Even Friday July 3rd the Ftse and Dax didn’t fall apart.

I don’t think the market will have a negative reaction to Greece again, no matter how it goes this weekend.

The Spx market looks bullish to me but if we can’t take out Spx 2098.63 by the 7th or 8th of July then we may have to re-evaluate. These are not the dates I have a strong hit on but lets see what happens by then.

So far everything I have is on a buy.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of Month rally coming.

Monday Close
Adx –DI at level seen only near 10-15-14,5-18-12,8-8-11 major lows.
First blow out day I have had in 71 TD.
EDT possible calling for low tomorrow.
My parabolic indicator calls for low tomorrow.

So I had the 29th-30th picked for a low. EOM window dressing coming.
Depending how low Tuesday is will tell the story. The –DI could go higher (bearish) and the MFI (money flow has room to go down,bearish)
No new low up we go, if a new low it will be tested in days if market is as weak as it appears.
My call- Of course we will open strong Tuesday but will it hold? I think not with more of a chance to buy Tuesday.

This may not be about Greece, but China and Porto Rica. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Worst days of Month

Update for Monday

I have a minor low, for 6-29,6-30 . Probably Spx 2078.44 the 150dma .
  Short and sweet as Verizon say's I have run out of internet time sic

Sell off came with out Greek deal . Today Friday @ 12noon with mkt up I believe the low of this series will be Tuesday the 30th in the AM.

The worst days of the month 19th to the 27th.  Bear wize  *>:) devil
A big sell off is due and I bet it will come when Greece accepts the deal!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

1980-1990 Spx coming

Fed speak today was good. Does market like good news? NOOOOOO!
If we follow the Transports down then 1980-1990 is on tap .

Support/resistance temp. sold my calls today, holding only longer term puts as of tonight.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Major cycle low is due! -pondering update

Update 6-16 close. Sure 2072 was a double bottom.
Is it going to hold after Wed Fed rally?
Several indicator suggest this is a relief rally.
MFI and my proprietary parabolic didn't offer a low.

low  98.xx next day hi odds
hi is 101xx High in 3 days hi odds 

   I didn't see these numbers eitherJerry

We have the  90d , 120 D and the 165degree cycle all due in this time frame +/- 2 TD

Friday, June 12, 2015

Still think rally is all smoke and mirrors!

Sorry I posted this last night to group but forgot Blog.
timingshortterm  yahoo groups
These indicators/fractals look very close so if we are going to fail here, we need to open weak or double top and drop.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

On Balance vs Spx

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HIGH odds low is Wed

Low Wednesday!
Every thing says' a low Wednesday. I would watch these numbers.
All Spx steps 2096.03,   2085.57,   2074.99
A close above 2126.07 would change the short term trend back up.
I will be more cautious if we spike higher on the open. Watch the Dax, and $$$

Friday, May 22, 2015

When !

Monday late night  9:23 pm
As I suspected I did both a moving average sell and a mechanical sell. MKt so jumpy may mean nothing.
As far as I can tell the priority indicator in DT5-DT7 has offered a sell and the bands do suggest strong resistance.

Friday 2:30 update
CTIX      This is a $2.64 stock better then option. News it has expanded it trails on cancer drug, and this is at Harvard.      
Sue any thing from you  sources?  I did buy some what the " H"*<:-P party

BTW if we close down ( spx) I will get a sell order. Does it mean any thing the way the TA works of late only time will tell.    *:) happy

CPI @ .03   If burger worker get that $15 raise or some raise the price of the $1.00 menu will go to $2.00.    Pressure is building from the bottom.
$10.00/$15.00  is a 66% raise  
Jerry*/:) raised eyebrows
Thursday was an inside day considered bullish by me, but TA has been poor of late.
Possible we hit strong resistance today with a double top. Janet will rule Friday.

Here is Planet V in action on the SPX. This perfect sell was 12-29-14
@ spx 2090.57 losing 102.45 in 13 fibs days. 90 points was fairly captured.
When will we get there I don't know . Jerry


Thursday, May 21, 2015

WWW or some thing big?

Was it just another Weird Wally Wednesday or much more damaging. answer neither ! www is Wed is W of option expiry week, I stand corrected. updated
We had an outside  day today  bearish to me.
Volume was not telling neutral
Higher high them give it up is not bullish usually
MFI gave a sell   chart below.
Is it a EDT?   bearish  chart below with sample.
Wave 5   for sure topping
3rd chart down, the trans ports   ugg    bearish

Please view this chart a lot of distribution today!  bearish