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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Low week?

I have had this week as a low for a week. Now is the time. Monday we need to break 2097 very fast that should turn the indicators down.
Friday drop just put them in holding pattern.
Will add a few charts one will be weekly of the SPX and how close it is to dropping out of the channel.
The second shows what is a rounding top.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Monday key to how low we will go!

Just to show if 2039 to 2044 broke, we will be at 1980 very fast.

I'm worried about Monday 27th. Friday’s drop was so big it moved my parabolic sheet ahead 1+ TD. Thursday as I posted I was looking for low retest on the 3rd 5th but now think 31st will re-test the low ( that is where we get long)
Monday now calls for a low/reverse. A check mark day or a V day.
Monday is a blue day Key times are 10:30 +/- 20m and 3:30. My guess is it will be a low am to high pm day.
The parabolic sheet is rarely wrong on low calls.
Problem all indicator are only 1/2 way into down stretch.
IE: We could double bottom Monday or plunge big time. Since my indicators are ½ way to a-low we need a big drop. If not any rally will be short lived

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lower Next Week.

Hi All,

Today Thursday I said @ 11:30 am ET that 2110 needs to fall but it held hard for a while.

Now that 2110 SPX has fallen I believe it is strong resistance.

Friday is a wild card and I have no call!

I have a low next week and a retest of that low the week after Aug 3rdISH  to get long for a sharp rally to 13-14th or 20-21 expiry more on this in a week.

How low could we go? Of course it will have to be find tuned but 2075/2083 SPX looks do-able if this is a wave 4 correction. Lower than 2075 and this is no Wave 4.

I look for a momentum number of 4150- currently we are at 4221.

This is what Advance Get looks like.with 618 @ 2075 Spx


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sells every where.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday 21st – Wednesday-22nd critical

Tuesday 21st – Wednesday-22nd  critical 
Tuesday we have Apple and Verizon earnings to mention a few power houses.

Monday closed at the most Overbought level since Dec 30th when we dropped 100 spx points in 6 TD.

Or back in Oct 27th where we went up 150 Spx points in 30 TD.

SO Overbought doesn’t mean we will drop!!!!!!!!!!

My best guess is we will drop by Thursday this week at the latest.

Friday, July 17, 2015



Thursday close 16th, very close to new highs as suggested. The OEX did hit a new ATH today. That makes me think we are getting O.B. rarely does the OEX lead the SPX.

More highs Friday is a good place to nibble short, but early next week maybe better.

Murphy Math people say a frame has shifted, I think a phase has also shifted in the counts. Lows ran later and highs look to be running later.

With that in mind I will place the next low on Aug  5th -2 TD.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More highs coming up date 15th close

PIM by Jerry to Group, names will be hidden ,but my thoughts are real.

Thank you xxxx and xx.
Looks like I was a little early and should have held for the 15th that I had posted on my blog. Of course profit is profit.
So here we are the 15-16th time frame and a xx day to boot.
My problem is xx said today could be a High or low and of course it maybe both.
I just don’t see us OB here so we may or SHOULD have a Higher high.
I don’t think we are there yet. I,  right at 5:50PM ET think we go higher probably into next week. When I say higher I mean sharply higher to ATH.
Look at INTC after market, so tech’s are hot.
xxxxx sent out some dates I want to study..
Good trading.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flat for now IRAN next.

Sold my calls today Monday rally. IRAN maybe the news Tuesday.
Iran aside I look for a little more rally Tuesday before we pull back to say 2080-88. The math says Monday is a EDT -D and the chart does offer  some what of ending digital triangle look.
Charts offer more upside and the high could be the 16th new moon.
I have been using the 15th-16th as a best guess for last gasp high.
Working on where next low could be, next purchase will be puts.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Staying long!

Quote of the week- “Sometimes, when it’s too obvious, it’s obviously wrong.”

I like that and have stayed long looking for 2100 Spx some time this week 15th or 16th
would suit me. I had this week picked out weeks ago as a high but let us see what it takes to get over bought. This is opex expiry week and a good place for a high.
Next after this week we will be looking out for the start of a decline and I think they could be much faster than we are used too.
Jon Murphy had a letter out this week with his Elliot Wave count, basically looking for a wave 4 pull back and then wave 5 higher.
My Advance GeT has us in a finished wave 5 and now in ABC corrections.

This is important: We are at the 125 sma line. I don’t think it will be resistance but if it is, back on Oct 15th 2014 we dropped 6.56%  and if we do it again then the target would be Spx 1950.
If 2040 falls then I had 1970-80 so 1950  would be in range. I don’t expect that to happen yet.
Jerry      Timingshortterm @ yahoo groups
Not investment advice……………………………………………………………………..!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mother of a short Sqeeze starts July 9th

I said yesterday if we had an inside day we will rally.
Sure enough we had  the inside day, out of many things the market could have done! That is the Wall Street code to rally.
It's all fixed, to screw the little guy, but the little guy can play too. To be clear I'm not saying every inside day is a buy only the special ones
I look for the mother of a short Squeeze to start Thursday and go until the 15th or 16th of next week.
Not trading advise. Do you own work and figure it out.
Fun and games on the internet.     :)