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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today important day? 28th

I have today as a fib hit of 89 TD. +/-1  IF we take out 1867.00 then the wave 5 is in, doesn't have to be the low.
Could reset the cycles. 144 TD takes us into Dec 15th ish. I think we at least have a little bounce here.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

17.xx Spx in our future.

It just would'nt take that much to put us at 1789.Spx
The wave 5 could stop earlier, we do and AB then crash C
Thinking Sept 14th or 15th  low.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Wave 4 rally should be over.

UPDATE Sunday nite.
I have no call other than wave 4 is unfolding and we head down to wave 5 lows


The math on my spread says we had an EDT down close as pictured on a 5m

Here we see the wave 4 rally that should be over. Read the chart for direction and limits,right click will enlarge it!  Jerry

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rally time

3:35PM ET I think rally is a one day event just like the DAX.
I posted this at 4:20pm in email
Notice we closed at a double bottom so tried to buy an oex call since they trade till 4:15PM ET
price was 10.40 I put in for 10.50 and they keep going to $12.40
I don't have to look to know that futures are up.
I expect a rally tomorrow.

Late night check I see them up big time.
R1 is 1921
R2 is 1976.20   and I think it will be tested shortly.


Monday, August 24, 2015

How important is SPX 1820

If 1820 goes there are only a few support area's before Spx 15xx


Sunday, August 23, 2015

More down

Take a few days off and boom.

Last post I said rally would end shortly and looked for a low on  28th to 4th.

We are in a wave 3 crash so it could be over before the 28th.

We should have new resistance at Spx 2070  and support at 1900.

I know many think that 1820 will fall here but I don’t

Using the Gann angles it offers Spx 1900

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Question: Are cycles stronger than technical’s? UPDATE

Update Monday close
Cycles won!  We did 50 Spx points in 3/4 TD ( trade days)
Is there more to go perhaps but I'm in vacation mode. Rally  will be over shortly. I won't put money down while I'am away.Here is a picture of my Static cycles as a guide and my Gann Wheel inspired
offset floating cycles. Happy trading Jerry NextLows (8-28,9-4)

Question: Are cycles stronger than technical’s? Sunday @4pm

Well I’am about to find out.

The cycle  low came last week as expected,but not the way I like it.  Mostly it was too fast and unplayable in my mind, because I count on a retest. I also count on technical's being over sold.The MFI was close but others were mostly neutral.

I had the rally starting on the 14th but was hedging  because of the technical's.

If the cycles lead then next week will be up. If the technicals lead and Friday hit a double top and a resistance zone then we will retest Tuesday and scream higher.

I hate to read reports if it doesn’t go up it will go down, but that is where I’m at.

Learning the cycle strength.

Can you live for a month without the ATM?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

REtest Thursday

update after close:
Market did nothing I expected today will remain flat. A mixed market has little details.
It can be bad for your financial health.
Keep my powder dry

First and intraday chart showing a firm buy at 12;20 of course I was at the DR.   :(

OK Thursday! If I'm right it will be a high am low pm day.
We should test the low of  SPX 2052 +/- 10 points.
Here is a chart with us in a wave  3 drop  and next will be the rally to 2101-2113 to keep this count and no overlap.
I have been calling for this basing and rally for days. Today finally
my parabolic indicator and several  counts said the low will be  tomorrow. Upside target will be .618.----.78 Jerry

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LOW finally close.

Email Monday close:
L"oo"ks like a short squeeze and momentum run today.I think we reverse most of it.
One thing that makes me suspect is that the indicators fast or slow didn't do that much..
Lets see.

Tuesday night:   close
Tuesday did reverse and the indicators did move down.
I would like to see Spx 2044 to 2067 Wednesday to get this low over with. Depending on what happens Wed, low is either Wed-Thursday.

The system I use now has floating cycles, not static cycles. Some one once said to me I did a “what if” and found it worked on Elliot Wave.  I tried it on cycles and it seems to work. The bases is, that I know where the next high should be but you have to have a high, on in this case a low to complete the cycle before the next one starts.
Thus thinking the 14th would be a high, is now floating to 17th to 19th at least.

Question? What if the ATM’s were shut down, would you have enough cash.
You should have at least 3 months of cash hidden.