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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dec 2016

Thursday Recap: Low was at 10:11 and we ran higher all day. No real gap.
Friday Look for a  gap down  and again a run up Low @10:20 but centered @10:30.
Most are calling today "THE" high. I would wait for the retest if that is the case. My 1952 model says we rally into  end of Dec.

Wed recap: I was looking for high at 10:05 but had a low at 9:55, that killed the signal and we were SU all day.
Thursday look again for a gap dn ( 3 say dn) 10:30 low  and then run higher. Christmas rally in progress.

 Tuesday recap:

We did have a gap dn,    we did have the 10:20 low actual 10:25.
Wednesday Dec 7th Indicators are   mixed (up,up,dn) Since we are over bought close will look for gap dn,
then a  High  10:05 down rest of day, Time to break this uptrend or I'am wrong about AM high.
Monday recap gap dn didn't happen, 10AM HOD did happen.
Tuesday Dec 6th looking for a gap dn  low AM probably 10:20, could be sharply lower.

Monday Dec  5th look for gap down open (3of 3 indicators). Expect a high AM probably 10 AM but many center it @ 10:30 AM. Looking for Spx 2085 soon.
Jerry O

Dec 1st  Thursday
I look for a gap up open, low AM day, rally most of day.
Recap we had a rally into 10:05 am not he gap up I would have liked, and we went down most of day.
Dec 2nd indicators are mixed but expect gap up with AM  High could hold most of day.
Getting a early buy warning so we could have a big rally coming soon.
Jobs report moves markets.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day Trading TG WK

Been to busy to post!

 Wed was gap dn  9:45 was low, do opposite you did alright.
I didn't post for  Friday but looked for a gap dn again no times. We gaped up.
Monday Nov 28th again indicators  look for a gap dn, I don't think it will fail and the time is 9:45
We should again mount a rally into the close Jerry O
Tuesday had the gap and the 10:30 time of AM high but was 15M late ( not bad), technically we should have not rallied into the close. Perhaps a setup of some sort?
Wed  indicators look for a gap up. ( 2 gaps in a row same direction usually don't work)
Times 9:40 and 10:20 for direction
 Monday update and Tuesday call.
GAP was wrong but rest of day right, unplayable with such a large gap.
TUESDAY looks for a gap UP.   10:30 key time do opposite.

Day Trading
Monday  21st 2016 November
Indicators are diverging so a tougher call.
I look for a gap down to buy this weeks call options.
After the gap down or up, I still want to get long. This is a high AM
day that I think will invert to a high PM day.
I trade OEX options since you can
trade up to 4:15PM –E.T.

Ps. Here was Friday 18th post that worked well.
Friday Indicators looked for a Gap dn, rally into 10:10-11:05 centered 10:30, then down rest of day.
Worked great today, except for the gap all that did was get me in puts earlier.
Made 2 points.
Monday indicators are diverging so will have to study that but expect choppy waves.

Daily count from Advanced Get .

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Looking for rally Tuesday or Wednesday

Sat Aug 27th 4:26 PM ET
After loading all my data from vacation!
Getting buy signals, look for low Tuesday Aug 30 Spx 2150 +/-
Wednesday is orange day last 10 of 12 have been up.
It is also the 31st a good EOM rally will pursue.
Will it take out old high I don’t know.

Also working on a buy/sell program based on Joel GreenBlatt book @ Amazon
and some one named
Michael Carr
and his pattern x theory

I have refined these works to my own time frame and understanding, with out the wild claims from either.
Jerry O

Saturday, July 16, 2016

ST target 2111 SPX

OK we never got the gap down and still are marching for 2111 SPX .
Still over bought so nothing has changed. We could plunge at any time or rally due to the overbought condition.

After running my data:
We had an outside day considered bearish by me 70% of the time.
Wave 5 of v Advanced get.
Double top.
Super over bought.
4.94% model very overbought
My moon count looks favorable.
I think 2011 is still coming but we need a rest.
We will need a strong gap down Monday to set this up
 Jerry O   click chart to enlarge

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Are U ready for 2211 Spx M term

I have and remain bullish.
Using Advance Get and Friday rally we have switched from an ABC to wave 5 that should extend.
I don't know how A Get came up with 2211 in it's formula but here is mine.
Wave 2 =1891  Wave 3 =2111 or 220 Spx points
Wave 4 = 1991 + 220 = 2211
I have strong support at 2185 all on chart, I will post.
Good trading Jerry O

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

spx 2090

People who know me know I like 3 and 100
Advanced Get changed from a Wave 3 to a bullish wave C.
I should have said It yesterday it could change.
I look for 2090 either Ju 30th or July first.
"Nay Sayers" look at 2-11-16 a C wave.
We went from 1810 to 1930 in 3 td or 100+ pts
Gann angles loves it. 

 click to enlarge

Monday, June 27, 2016

Rally time

I have been pounding the table all day saying the market (SPX) is down but so is the  VIX.
NO one responded as if SO WHAT ?
Here is a chart to what I speak.
The green lines = SPX  and the red-black = VIX. When the VIX peaks like today but the SPX didn't turn up I expect a GAP higher in the SPX  and a meaning full rally.
click chart to enlarge.

Monday, June 20, 2016

I see no bears.

Simple trend lines show more than you think.

My dates have been +/- 1 TD  not bad.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Remember the 7th or 17th

Here we are one day before the 7th my first target  date and we hit the 5th wave. I think there is a little more upside because the moon is in a favorable phase. Unless we have a crazy gap higher that is clearly unsustainable I think we could slowly go higher.
If we remain calm I would look at 17th. Even if we drop a little there should be a 5 TD retest of high.
 click chart to enlarge

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Working Bollinger Bands

Most people will buy or sell when the BB is pierced by a stock or index.
Usually this works very well but if you use a 3 zig zag it clears the picture.
I have annotated a chart to show a few examples on the current SPX
Jerry  June 5th 2016