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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blowout days

Sunday update, Still on a buy as we remain in green zone, Monday could be up big depending on Greece.
Comment on Thusday

Thursday Jan 22nd we had a blowout day. I consider that a day where we have a range of at least 1.80% or higher. I will list several such days below.
I have read on other sites that a big move happens near the end of a cycle. They maybe talking about a blowoff rally. I have yet to see one on the samples that I looked at.
This blowout day can either be up or down but I don’t find it a CIT in any way. I don’t think it even has Elliot Wave connections. You may think a blowout day has a lot of meaning, but I don’t find a link in my study with many hours of chart reviews and bar counting. I think a study of the trend will tell you what happens next on those days and if it will reverse. In summary blowout days are not a CIT (change in trend), not a top, or a bottom just short covering or unwinding positions.
My 2 cents  Jerry     TimingShortterm yahoo groups

To make it clearer
10 TD means 10 trading days.
The color green is up and red is a down trend.
So 3 red across is a strong down trend.
We are currently in an uptrend.

Ps numbers mean nothing as far as this chart.

Friday, January 23, 2015

IF target and safe zone

Still on the 1-16-15     buy signal of 2002.65 Spx
click chart for target

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Buy SIGNAL 2002.65

Update Thursday 2:48 PM
I'm on record a take out of "2057 will make a new picture and scope"

UPDATE @ 2:28 ET Tuesday
Buy still in effect  "I would hope for a pullback to 2005,"   so far 2004.49. VIX wants to go lower

This is a tough signal since we moved so much higher and stopped at my resistance line on lower chart 2019
I would hope for a pullback to 2005, any overlapping of 2002.65 would  have to be short lived or the signal is dead. A rally could be mild .618 to Spx 2040 +/-

Friday, January 16, 2015

Watch TLT could give a clue

On this chart of late TLT when it trends up  Spx (green) trends down, and visa versa.

On this Spx chart I offer projections if resistance 2019 has failed or going to fail.
Else we move higher. Yesterday charts will help .
Jerry O

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

wave 123 or ABC

I don't know if it's a Wave 123 or ABC.  I posted yesterday at the TST site I was looking for 1992 and today it happened. Now looking for 1979 (1972-1979) and then a run to 2019 there we will know for sure what to look for.
This correct did turn much lower than I thought. That's why I want for market to tell me. SELL SIGNAL STILL IN EFFECT. Jerry O

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Yesterday I was excited to offer the buy signal, but then I went to the timingshortterm group and they told me the time and the wave LOL
Greta work all.
AS "LOU R" used to say, so what can you do for me now!

This first chart will show the resistance. and the buy bias of Advanced Get.

Now on this chart I want to show the 10 corrections of approx %5.
If you notice the corrections have been getting shorter and faster.
I don't know were this will take us,.  but it seems that a long running rally
is not possible yet.I will watch 2079 for now SPX Jerry O

buy signal

Today Wed of Wolly World we received a buy from the MA and the Vix (no chart). Today is an inside day and I consider those bullish, most of the time. The Fed notes helped general  holding power of the rally.
Unless we open weaker I think we rally. Opening tells the story. DAx looks strong also.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The market went down big today, right to major support. Was it oil, well there should be no linking to oil so must be Euro hustle.
If we don't turn up here then 1972 is next. I offered a sell on the 30th of Dec but didn't think it would be much more then were we are today.
If we go lower then I was wrong.

Click chart to enlarge

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Possible Buy coming

A short note. For Monday Jan 5th a possible buy will come at Spx cash 2060  and Vix 15.72. Not saying at this early date it will happen.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Caution UPdate Tuesday close

 Went to a sell today on SPX MA cross and VIX MA cross.
Still will keep a caution flag up. Problem  Vix sell is at a higher then normal level and 2 the seasonal are very bullish,3 a 1 day sell you got to be fast and nimble.

 We  need to be cautious here. No sell yet ,but the $Rut out performing could mean that the big stocks will be flat, and it is catch up time for the small caps ( my hope). Or it could be a considered speculation running wild.
Lets look at the 4.94% model and the charts shows it could be real greed.
The ATR is also about where I have my support line.
click chart to enlarge

Looking at the $VIX just notice where the circles are located.
Once the bars cross the green MA it's a sell signal. I only point this out because today's bar is right on it.
I think you will know soon where we are going. 
So FWIW  Jerry O