Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jan 2017

UP date, gap sure was down.
We had the RSI     O.B. from 3pm to 4pm and other indicators call for another gap down.
Apple earning will probably hold that off temp. but expect over all a down day. 
Hi Traders, Correction time
We saw the price high on 1-26-17, and the momentum high on 1-27-17.
I now look for 3 down days.
The gap for Tuesday 21st is down as we were O.B. at the close.

Talia replied   from stockcharts,

Jan 23, 6:39am
Dear Jerry,

Thank you for contacting us. I apologize that the OBV and volume based indicators are not updated on the chart. For those indicators to update they require volume data and unfortunately our data vendor has had trouble sending us the intraday volume data.

Our data team is working with the data vendor to get this issue resolved.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments about our website.
 Volume indicators still not working at stock charts.
So on hold.
 Recap for Tuesday: We did get a drop but not as low as I hoped.
Wednesday should be a low AM day but I see the closed as O B with many indicators near there highs. StockChart volume indicator are down today so I can't make a firm call that I believe will work .
Not going to be surprised if we plunge again. 
REcap for Friday, a high AM it was on a very tight day 7pts, but no hero's 
Tuesday Jan 17th I look for a drop if indicator holds. It was below the index all day.We need to finish wave 4 down gulp 2133 spx possible?


Bowley based this above on 65 years of data.............................................................................

Based on my own work  I look for a deep drop Tuesday. That possibly should be bought if last tick is near the low.Then a rally into Friday sell the news day.( second thought low is wed AM then sharply rally since I have received 1 buy signal ) Jerry

 Wed recap Day was a surprise rally
Thursday I did not post but was looking for AM low  that sort of balanced the 2 days.
Friday I have a mixed signal on the gap but do look for AM high, not sure what news lead is Friday do will stick with AM high for now. 
 No call for Tuesday and we ended flat-not bad.
Wednesday  I look for an AM high, probably a gap up open, but flat for rest of the day. BB is flat and until it makes a statement ( breakout or break down) I will call flat. 87 NH/ 12 NL
 Good Call again me thinks: I hinted at weakness, the AM was the low till 3:59 - 1tic.
Tuesday with the volume indicators not working , kills any thought I could have there, so looking at the BB it was all over the place today on tight trading and ended flat. Guess there will need to be someone call tomorrow.        https://www.briefing.com/investor/markets/market-internals/
internals not great but still I think we have a sell the news event on the 19-20th 


Good call again for Friday, orange day indicator worked.
Monday is difficult, indicators say down open,Friday 114 NH,7 NL not strong, and B.B. broke down after mid day high, so looking for a low AM  day.
 Good call for Thursday ( gap dn yes-AM high yes-slow day-yes) 
Friday gap indicators are mixed, no call, B.B moved up after mid day low so look for at lest a AM high, orange day indicator has failed of late but should offer higher prices for Friday

Today was strong 188 NH, 4NL-------- The B.B. was weak all day
Update for the 5th .
Looks like a gap down.  probably an AM high. or a slow day.Rethinking the Fed statement..

Advanced GET offers a buy, the last sell was great. Jan 3rd

Truthfully I felt we would rally into the last day of Dec 2016.

However we fell and this past week I received 2 buy signals.

Tuesday is and AM high day but could just keep running.

The indicators call for a gap down open but it hard to see one.

If there is a low it will be Wednesday 4th.
updated daily  Jerry

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