Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trend Still down unless

Monday 29th EOM
The trading range should be over this week as the Blue week did make a lot of noise.
This week we have a Red week that suggest a trend will emerge.
Unless we can blast above 1206 that trend is down.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trend Still down unless

Are we in a trading range of 1173 to 1200 Spx? We go up ,over bought, down oversold.
If we break 1173 a fall to 115x is fast. Nothing sticks out at me this PM but the market thinks it is now over sold. ( market has a personality)
Let the price rule. On this Blue week we have had a H, H, so tomorrow is a L
A gap up in the am could turn down rest of day, We now have room to see what happens.
I could lower the stop at 1206 but I won't.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trend Still down unless

1206/1207 stop go flat. Spx The second sell is at 1199.xx but so close to the buy/sell line we just ride with the 1206 position in an ETF.
This is a Blue week as the chart will show. You will notice many are noisy sideways affair's.

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New people this is a trending model and it will not pick tops or bottoms but the right trend can run 3 to 6 months. I can't pick prices well,so just get on the train and ride .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trend Still down unless

Hi Everyone,
Perhaps I'm a bear at heart and that is why I built this trend model. What have we got that is bearish... I didn't like the fact we closed within .24 of the Spx high Friday. IF you take the high 1227.08 -low 1173.00 =54.08/2 =2704 1227.08 - 2704 is 1200.4 right at my Bull/Bear line.
The Isee seems bullish, letter writters are bullish,( all = bearish) my Parabolic (sar) is bearish, pressure, all telling me this 1173 wasn't a bottom.

Bullish thoughts well Thankgiving week has a bull history, and even with things over bought it can go higher. If Monday wants to gap should be telling.
Short weeks are pressure weeks so expect some big moves with no volume to support them.
Or the gamers week :)

I know Jaywiz at looks for weakness into the 29th This is on my favorite bloggers list lower right.
Steve however who have a special price looks higher with 1231 on target for Thanksgiving weekend at
Tell him I sent you. trendsby3 jerry
Happy thanks giving to the ones that embrace it.