Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tops rwo

The Fib Queen
Watching her the other night, she has 2 favorites. The 8/34 MA  and 1.272
If we take the 11-16-12 *closing* of spx 1359 *6.272% we get 1446 the almost exact close pivot high on 12-18-12

So if we take the 12-31-12 pivot close low of 1426 *5.272% we get *1520* close.

Now 1520 close can't be a top because we need a candle like this for a top!

Many will shoot this down. LOL

So let me say it this way. If 1220 close  is a top, intra day we need to run up to ideally to 1229+


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Looking at Tops

 This is a weekly view of the SPX just to see if things look right or wrong.
First is 2000 top then 2007 top and current market.

The look ,could they be waves?