Thursday, December 9, 2010

Froth target 1263

Many over bought signals like the Isee hitting a new 2010 high today. The % up volume with froth. The tick 1071 etc all call for small pull backs. When the froth covers the crystal ball on wall street expect 100 spx down points .
When is that I don't know, if I did I would share it.
I would like to see a high tick with hi arms. I think we are in 12-31-08 to 1-6-09 period of froth.
Click image to enlarge

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bear for Christmas?

I have the % volume OB, I have the 3 TD Isee OB.
This chart shows how the Spx shoot above the Pitchfork but came back to home. It also shows AGET version of a (5) of 5 EW, yes we could go higher and remain in this (5).
What we have here is the relation of the Vix @ 17-18 and how it should interface with the Spx.

My little numbers runner offering a RISKY short watch the number I have circled. Think we could drop into the 17th/20th where I have a 144TDH but think it will invert. Target should be 1206 at least.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Test Model

Could it be this simple? Well yes it can if you are not trying to be perfect and pick the top and bottom. The numbers I use are good the words are a day off or need adjustment.
I spent a lot of time getting this to formulate right. All I have to do at this point is drag across, for the days I look at 2 many charts and have a mind freeze, or read too many emails.
Anyhow SPX 1206/7 has always been my buy sell line so a pullback to get on board is in the works.

click image to enlarge. KEEP IT SIMPLE! OH & FEED THE FISH, please!