Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still my best guess. and alternate.

 This is still my preferred count, we will need to start down fast. The Transports still strong is problematic and EOM  window dressing can be
very bullish.
If this fails we are still in wave  5 with targets on my spread sheet of  Spx 1608 to 1611 still possible.
See below  and further down the AGET  alternate count.

The Advanced Get alternate count (click to enlarge) has us in a Wave 4 with wave 5 to come.
The hope is this will fail but even if it didn't my spreadsheet offers only a little higher, making a double top and a slim new high. Spx 1598 to 1599.67.

The big picture is we are very close if not already at a top. It will take a few years to complete the down move.

Jerry O