Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Scenario

I have been real bearish for over a week buying some oex puts,some vix calls and spy puts.
Too late to get short now,me thinks, there will be a better short entry if I have this right. BTW for protection, Fun and games only.
Don't believe any thing you read on Internet. That said here we go!
First chart ( click to enlarge) Elliot Trigger offers more down side---.S/R offers 2019 (ALL SPX) --Fib ..618 offers 2008  My best guess is we have a good low for a WAVE A.
Interesting March 6th is 6 years from the devil number 666 on March 6th 2009.

More clues we were  ready to turn. Of course the 4.94 pattern way below. This is the Bollinger bands offering a CIT in that configuration. John Bollinger offered it as a golden nugget in his course.
click chart to enlarge.    Jerry O