Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Calling a ST LOW

My post to members today   "BTW if we plunge the close I think we get a playable pop higher tomorrow."   I did buy some calls on the close.
We either hit a ST low today or will in the am tomorrow. Either way I look up tomorrow.WEDNESDAY  9th

Looking at this chart, we should hold the 100dma for a few days.
Look at arrow in green at bottom of chart. The ratio has hit lows right before rallies .
Wenesday is also a very important TD
as followed by one of the members.

My bull data.
Tick -799   O.S.
Premium 2.67 bullish
Xsp 1.95 to bearish and that is bullish
Charts FINALLY look ugly and that is bullish. It's hard to find anything     bullish so that is bullish.
Oh and Yellon news.