Saturday, March 16, 2013

Higher we go.

Disclamer, all I know about EW is what Advanced Get tell's me!
This first chart is when I called the bottom as a member of the Time and Cycles site. Many EW people said I was totally wrong and the program was junk.unhuh!
I notice that in bear trends that the 5th wave is short with the gravy wave 3 or some call a C is very long

The latest count of March 2013 has a weekly view with a target of 1576.03 Spx if the wave is not extended.
I find in the program that bull trends have a lot of wave extensions. The weekly fan is getting tight.

click charts to enlarge.
The daily is up close and personal.
Here we see a target of 1616.01 with more fib relationship. BTW the 5th wave doesn't have to be straight up if extended so a few bumps could happen. You will noticed  the built in targets of the program are 1599.99.
The green and  red lines are program bias, some work perfectly.
1616-1576 = 40 point spread.

OEX and XSP ration are bullish for  Monday, day after a triple witch could be weird.
How will I know if I will be wrong?
If 1530.93 falls by more than 1 TD this count is wrong.