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Critical Area

Sunday, May 9, 2010

chart with Aget (5) of 5 of v and buy sell cycles

How to read my chart, using ETF.

Warning you should have at least 3 years experience to invest . I don't offer names (ETF's bullish or bearish) use Google to search. Search engine(Google) right here at your finger tips. Amazon  too has the books,etc.

On 1-20-10 you would buy a bearish ETF when the Spx was at 1143 (aggressive yes it could whip but worth a chance) the CIT  ( change in trend  ) came next day on 1-21-10 @1134 you stayed with this position till 2-12@1075.59 or 2-16 @1083.46 ( bullish ETF search Google ) You stayed with that till 4-30 @1200 or 1198 ( see spread sheet) where again you revered. So currently you/me are in bearish ETF's.

FAQ-  But Jerry we could have sold at 1044.xx we missed some. Yes in a perfect world but that 1044.xx could have been 945 or 845 so we play safe and buy the gravy run. Over time you will capture many more points.
K.I.S.S  my policy = (keep it simple stupid)
What next?  We wait till next signal ,since all 3 cycles have hit this could take some time weeks, month?
Elliot Wave -I have a simple understanding,but since it works only 50% of the time ("Robert Miner") I let Aget make the call. That program did call the March 6th 2009 bottom and looks to have called a top here in April 2010
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We have just signaled the 3rd cycle sell.

  1. The 3rd cycle will only appear on the spreadsheet or it will make charts look   too busy.