Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two EW counts

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Jerry O

Chart #1 looks to end  a 5th wave down at 1752 to 1725 Spx. This is not favored by me because it puts my topping view at risk.

 Chart 2 is my perferred count based on a lot of studies at tops and makes a nice package.

We wait.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

The top is IN.

Update 29th 1pm Fed day:
 Here is what I think Avanced GET would like to see.
If this is Wave 5 top then we need to on average drop in 10+/- TD drop 88 SPX points.
Looking back at several important tops that is a ball park time and number.
So unless  we can take 1850- 88 = 1762 target soon then I don't see wave A forming.
If we do plunge to that  1762 it would be a buy for 5 TD's
So we wait.

Not trading advise.

The chart below I used to pick the top and it is updated. You can see the earlier chart way below. Yes I had Dec 31st  as the top at  Spx 1849. But the gann lines put the timing much closer. They also agreed with my projection area.
I came up with that projection by finding the points beween wave 2 and wave 3 and then adding them to wave 4 and that projected count.Wave 5 moved up as usual as mkt climbed. What's Next ?
I believe we hit  Spx 1778 per the gann line. That  is not the only  TA that would offer that area.
I'm not trying to brag but this same progam called the bottom on March 6th 2009. I was at the Time and Cycle board at that time and many Elliot wave types scoffed and thay will here and now.
I still think the lower caps will rally into March like the year 2000 did.   Jerry