Sunday, August 16, 2015

Question: Are cycles stronger than technical’s? UPDATE

Update Monday close
Cycles won!  We did 50 Spx points in 3/4 TD ( trade days)
Is there more to go perhaps but I'm in vacation mode. Rally  will be over shortly. I won't put money down while I'am away.Here is a picture of my Static cycles as a guide and my Gann Wheel inspired
offset floating cycles. Happy trading Jerry NextLows (8-28,9-4)

Question: Are cycles stronger than technical’s? Sunday @4pm

Well I’am about to find out.

The cycle  low came last week as expected,but not the way I like it.  Mostly it was too fast and unplayable in my mind, because I count on a retest. I also count on technical's being over sold.The MFI was close but others were mostly neutral.

I had the rally starting on the 14th but was hedging  because of the technical's.

If the cycles lead then next week will be up. If the technicals lead and Friday hit a double top and a resistance zone then we will retest Tuesday and scream higher.

I hate to read reports if it doesn’t go up it will go down, but that is where I’m at.

Learning the cycle strength.

Can you live for a month without the ATM?