Thursday, January 23, 2014

100 year cycle WHEN!

 We have the panic of 1907 that Ben Bernanke
has talked about many times. We see a low in 1915 almost same area.

I believe 2007 to 2015 will have the same result.
My guess is we will rally in the lower priced stocks till mom and pop run out of money and then the house of card will come down.
A good example of that was yr 2000 where
low priced stocks were lifted by the water.
You can expect money to come out of high priced stocks like Intc and Cat and many more.
Yes the high in Dow probably is in but the Russ will run till late March.
Place your bets but get out when prices go to I can't believe it, highs!

Click charts to enlarge, you can also see historical charts like this at   ( free)