Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blue vs Blue days

Blue days suck.
This is an updated chart and you can look at the older ones below. If we go under the green and red lines we can drop 40 to 90 points fast.

This started on a blue day and I will stick with the theme looking for a blue day bottom.

For the 8th however we will be looking for a rebound to SHORT!

This will be a hard short because I think the 8th will be firmer that people think. I look for AM high 11:15
approx. and that could be higher than 1359 (spx) with the afternoon firm.
I will post my AGET chart next.

Here I show a wave 3, hoping for wave 4 at 1300 spx creating a death to bull double bottom.
What I mean is that line could offer much less upside to next rally.

The Blue lines show where symmetry can be right on at times with blue days. The high on the 29th was a blue day and I will work from there.I have listed other blue days below. Looking for an AM spike low in the future at 9:55 AM

Jerry O

click chart to expand- color days link on this site ( right)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Hard look, maybe = caution

First let me say I'm not bearish as of yet.
Second I do have a 144TDH coming in days.
Seems everyone is looking for March as a high?

I show a right translation chart that I hope will be the out come of any pullback.

On this EW chart I have my cycles looking for a high and I put the yellow ball hoping the high will come after the trade days hits.( right translation)
Currently we are over bought. That Happened on 2-29-12 at 9:55am a blue day. The next blue days are
3-8, 3-12, 3-16, and would think we get an over sold reading at 9:55 on one or all those days. Note the 16th is OE.
From that OS I would look for a OB pullback in May as marked.

Currently I have several popular moving averages not telling much.
13/34 John Murphy. The 18 is a favorite of Art Cashin.
The other 2 are mine for ST looks only.

BTW my lower chart on Wed bounced off the line then Fri right back to it
$spxA50R so a lot of tight hints here.

This lower chart I did a model off the

2007 rally and these points in this 2012 ARE VERY IMPORTANT.

Bottom line: I'm bullish thinking the pullback will more a rotation correction.

Friday was an inside day I consider that bullish but only looking for a little higher here.

Jerry O

Some other helpers:

The color day site in posted on my favorites to the sharp right