Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting OS support soon if not now.

LT dn
Med up
ST dn  signal  6-23 close
I think the gann lines will hold here on the Advanced Get version of EW??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trend is UP

Long term: Bearish
Medium term: UP
Short term: UP
My alert last week of a CIT was timely.

The following charts show we need to punch down to 1035 just to turn trend down.Spreadsheet test.We went to a agressive buy on 6-15 open and later that day a trend Up (CIT) @ 1106.83.
Due to this as moving daily the actual price was 1103.
My AGET chart shows we are in an A,B,C (4) with 1122 considered hit and leading to SPX 1140/1185 probably 1140/1155 is a good target.
My S/R chart showing how important the 1040/1155 area has been since 1999