Thursday, March 19, 2015

Low Confidence

Still not getting the right numbers.W5 over laps W3 so no vote again.


Update at 12:15 Spx 2087.50
OK Last night I was unsure. Today at 12:15 PM ET after looking over the market action I need a close under 2081 SPX to get a serious trend change signal.
Lucky so far as I did short the close.
Stay tuned for tonight's report.   Jerry O

Going to make a low confidence call.

Outside day usually bearish.

Blow out day should be a down CIT.

Short above Spx 2099.50 could be zero or much more above.
Rates are not going up because things are getting worst , not really bullish,me thinks.

Low confidence because I have no sells on mechanical or ma’s.

I didn’t understand the EW pattern today.

We didn’t thrust into the close.

Not investment advice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Recap For Wed.

The EDT worked great but it was unplayable, damn.
Low was 11:20  am et
Wed mkt we have an inside day I consider it bullish. Of course it's Janet's day so who know's

Recap Monday
We had the rally as predicted.
Monday Close  March 16th
Getting a signal we should look to short above Spx 2081.19. It could be zero above or 30 points above.
That's all I can say today.      Jerry O