Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bulls stampede, should we?

 Hard to find bear news so had to look deep for weird signs of extremes.
As we look at the CPCI left and the blue line, it seems to line up with to much extreme in market.
Some dates12-19-2007 days before we turned down,11-26-12 again before a dip and 12-18-22-2009 .

 Here we have that July-Aug period in 2011 where we dipped then peaked look like what is happening now. This sideway pattern can be bearish if in fact we have a double top.

 Talk about bulls this P&F just got crazy bullish but does look for a pull back to 1440.
To be honest this P&F since I have watched it in many months get to bullish at turning points, added it to list of weird charts
 I  think I'm in love with this $NYMO chart.
To me it should have ran higher with this rally but
looking more like it wants to go down. The bottom indicator  with that knee jerk look as I recall I looked back and that happens at a turning point but doesn't have to happen tomorrow or next week.

Here we have from Advanced Get  and using it's MOB ( make or break) indicator I have made several projections.

From the M pivot with arrow , well maybe you best click chart to see it enlarged to to understand..
Basiclly what I'm saying is M before dip gave on
MOB, then M before another dip gave a second MOB and the second rallied a little higher.
Still both are double tops.
Looking weekly Dow and Spx in 5ht waves,Dax daily in 5th wave
`This got a lot of shock and awe.
I have to update it because it is weekly and will not move fast. That said I would hope the market shows it true colors with one more shot higher or
gap down and follow the yak color.
If it takes longer then the low not in April 2014.

My cycle book by CLIF DROKE  say's i'am a little early on the 10 yr cycle time.

Jerry O

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NYMO looks like it offers a sell.signal.

 Update vix + spx down = upday 70% of the time. I have had the 9th as a reaction day for quit awhile.
At first I thought it would be up but could be big move in both directions.

Crossing the green line on the NYMO should offer lower prices. That price on the SPX better be 1445.31 or lower soon.
That is 1/2 the big bar move.
We waste days going down only a little starts to offer other thoughts.
I don't want a sideway's market here.
The market moved so fast that indicator have yet to catch up.

Jerry O

On my lower chart I reread the cycles book by Clif Droke and my April low maybe a little too early.
I will adjust it when I see what Gann line it wants to follow down.

Monday, January 7, 2013

ST topping LT low April 2014

I ' am bearish looking for a top any day now. I have the 9th picked but it could be in already.
My spread sheet is overbought and many charts look  close to cross-overs.
Buy bearish ETF's is a thought but not an endorsement.

On this chart I clone Gann boxes from the yr 2000 high.
I offer a date based on these boxes.
The boxes are in an area of a high currently
Do we have to touch red upper trend line no we don't.

Click chart to expand.

Jerry O