Saturday, December 3, 2011

Last week to bearish, same this week LOL. Thursday update

Thursday Close: We went on a 1 day Vix sell on Wednesday. Click chart to blow up size.

Topping signs are starting to show.

Some one asked me to look at the Gann line and we have perfect cross at Spx 1253 with a target on the MOB of 1133 on 12-15-11

Do to fast markets we drove back above the bull line on 11-28/29


The VIX: Going with Wealth Builder site the 200dma is a buy/sell line. Notice we were under the 54EMA ( Jerry O) as the rally to 121292.66 took place even under the 200dma for 2 days. I show this because here we are again so watch direction of the Vix next few day. AGET has a target of minium 55 on the Vix but that could take awhile, or not. Also a poster say's we had a bullish red hollow candle on the Vix Friday, so more reason to watch it..

On this spread sheet I did a simple formula to look at what happens when the market closes lower than the gap open. Not to put money on but to watch. If we have 2 days where the sell comes it tends to be bearish. Some Excel wiz could come up with a winner I bet. Green column is the signal

Click charts to enlarge.
Spx in black line and Vix in candle

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Target Spx 1020+/- 20

Day 5 of bear market.
This chart is not my buy/sell setting look at other posts. If this is 2008 action, then the drops will pick up speed.
On this chart I have days labeled as a reference could be 1T day off.
In May 1345 to Jun 1258 or (7%- 87-points)
June 1347 to Aug 1101 (18%-246 points)final was (21% -273 points to 1074) ....
Now Oct 1292 to Nov so far (10%-1158) but expect it to go to (21%- 1020) BTW 21% was very common in 2008.
Happy Holiday's

This 1020 by year end.