Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello .618

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

up date to red week Buy Signal

Tuesday Blue day of Red week.
Several things happened today ( Monday). My Advanced Get program issued a wave 5. That wave 5 looks tired of course it could extend 1069.1050 or 1020.Spx
I also receive a buy signal on my work.
I think 1118 spx will confirm a rally. First I would look for a gap up from oversold close, then a fade into 10:15-10:30 that I consider important times.
I also have a 23 count of my counts for tomorrow.

Any thing else happens then I'm wrong.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

RED Week with 110TD L imbedded

We open up Monday with a Red day of a red week ( action color) with the 110 TD Low on Thursday a green day. That 110 TD low comes from 5-2-11 (1370) high and a count back 110 more TD has a low so L,H,L cycle so far. My personal color study finds 85% of super days are either red or green. Green week a red hit. Red week a green day hit. Is this cast in stone, of course not. But to learn more about color days you can visit Hank at HL CAMP (
Thanks to him for posting the color days at a glance.
Bottom line as far as this week I believe we trade no higher than 6 Spx points Monday and then take a V into Thursday Morning low ( duh 10:30?) then start a rally that spy calls could be bought. This may not be the final low this month. But 1021 is high on my list.

I also think a major low is possible on the 21 at 1021 Spx but lets get this week done first.
As far as the wave count we are close to a 5th wave plunge.

I have a chart here from M Burk and you can sign up for his free email. This chart projects a
seasonal low the last week of Oct. So many cycles hit in this time frame.