Saturday, January 3, 2015

Possible Buy coming

A short note. For Monday Jan 5th a possible buy will come at Spx cash 2060  and Vix 15.72. Not saying at this early date it will happen.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Caution UPdate Tuesday close

 Went to a sell today on SPX MA cross and VIX MA cross.
Still will keep a caution flag up. Problem  Vix sell is at a higher then normal level and 2 the seasonal are very bullish,3 a 1 day sell you got to be fast and nimble.

 We  need to be cautious here. No sell yet ,but the $Rut out performing could mean that the big stocks will be flat, and it is catch up time for the small caps ( my hope). Or it could be a considered speculation running wild.
Lets look at the 4.94% model and the charts shows it could be real greed.
The ATR is also about where I have my support line.
click chart to enlarge

Looking at the $VIX just notice where the circles are located.
Once the bars cross the green MA it's a sell signal. I only point this out because today's bar is right on it.
I think you will know soon where we are going. 
So FWIW  Jerry O

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Not picking a top

With a market this volatile I would like to point out I'm still bullish.
But nothing goes straight up and we have warnings.
We could be at risk of hitting the 2060 line in a flash. Advanced Get has issued a RED bias as a warning some work real well.
We are at a point where a minium wave 5 has hit and the crossing of the auto trend line, near the yellow horizontal .Congestion for sure.   Jerry
  click chart to enlarge

 Looking at FSC we need to break out above $8.16