Saturday, September 28, 2013

DITTO Ahead 5 to 10% correction,Mid Oct at least.

 We can again look at Advanced Get chart.
What this say's is no tecknical damage as of yet.
A takeout of  Spx 1686 is needed.
This could be quick!
 CPCE keeps getting into bearish area.
Unchanged for 1 week, no fear in the pits.
Most important chart is $NYAD looking to take down the 25dma.
You can see results of other crossing's.

*Bottom line we have no real technical damage yet!
* Wed is another reaction day, last 2 have been big to shake trend followers.
*Friday close big bearishness in Oex pit, there record has been dead wrong this year still I respect
there thoughts.
* I don't think the weakness is about the budget.
I think it is about the QE with 3/4 years we are still swimming in quicksand, with 2 balloons to help hold us up.
My 2 cents.