Saturday, August 11, 2012

Top is in I believe

Advanced Get has moved to a wave 5, this puts 1380.39 ( w3) on the scope as support/resistance.

My indicators are over bought, who's aren't LOL.
I had 1390 -1400 pegged so 1407 is nothing.The one day wonder wondered a little more than I though.

I have bought SPXS triple short ETF.

Lets go cowboy..
The VIX btw is in C of 5 not pictured.Rally in Vix suggested. The market is having to many glitches of late that suggests no support to hold us up since every one is in.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Day wonder.

If we look at last 3 years highs that were all spring highs, we see 9 and 13 as import lows after these highs.
Currently we have a 9TDL in and we need a turn down or this is going to be bullish for stocks.

I have just gone to a sell on my model
with a 109TDL on the 9th of Aug.
same day I understand but can't confirm that Eric HAdik has a high so could be very important day.

The Vix at 15.xx has been a good time to short.
Notice how we stay in this channel and time to retrench.
AGET only offers 1350 so far.

I was looking for 1390+ and we got it.
Since all the computers have now been reset, lets see where we really go.
Good trading.