Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pending market action

Sunday Oct 10-2010

Trend Model
Long term ----up
Med term------up
Short term----up
Pressure -- up--topping
Mechanial model --Dn
*Isee model--- up-topping
Friday was so flat as far as tick and trin compared to pressure
that I'm not sure what it means. No history to review.

TD hits 55 TD L 13th from 7-27H, 55TD H from 7-30 L
Oct 26th 89 and 55TDL
Oct 25thL sub divide 144/ =TDL see chart way below.

*The Isee
In 2007 to 2009 confirmed tops where at 500+ and bottoms -290
In 2010 some thing changed and that number will remain with me, since
I have done a lot of back testing.